Q7. What’s the last dream you remember?

Location: Publix/Near the dairy aisle

After spending a great day with friends, I was so tired and the long drive back home didn’t make it any easier. Then I remembered that I needed to grab a few items from Publix aaaand I needed question number 7 answered. As I was making my way towards the dairy section, I saw a real pretty lady. She reminded me of my sister Jilda. Meet Loraine everybody!

“The last dream I remember…the last really prominent dream…I was 16 and pregnant and terrified. The dream was real that’s why I remember.”

Loraine, you caught me off guard with that one. Thank you for being so candid!

So readers! You know what to do! Share your answers with me. This inquiring mind wants to know!


4 thoughts on “Q7. What’s the last dream you remember?

  1. Dawn Brown says:

    The last dream I had that was quite disturbing. It had water in it! A couple was in the dream that I don’t ever talk to. Don’t know why they were in my dream odd but it seems we were all in church and I’m not sure if I should call the intruders snipers but that’s what they resembled. This couple had a station wagon in the dream and all I remember is this terrifying flee with my daughter into their station wagon and us trying to cross a bridge that was filling quickly with water! Then I woke up! That’s still quite disturbing to me.

  2. Karene says:

    I have one dream that’s more prominent than ANY other dream ever…and I had it when I was probably 5 years old. In the dream we were living in a huge tree house with a flying car lol. And somehow a tiger got in the house so we had to scramble to get to the car to escape. We got to the car and was about to leave when we realizes lauren, my eldest sister, was with us. When we looked back, the tiger found her in the kitchen with a biiiig piece of steak in her hand…. I guess you can say it was a nightmare that scared me for a long time. But I still remember it to this day, 21 years later….

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