Q8. Name one item you can’t throw out.

Location: 24 Hour Fitness

One of the things I love about doing this blog is it literally forces me out of the house on the days when I have nothing to do. Today I stopped at 24 Hour Fitness for the sole purpose of finding my person for today’s question. Should I have gone to workout? Maybe. But that’s not why we’re here. Lol
Meet my willing participant…Ema!

“One item that I cannot throw out. Hmmmm. Goodness. In all honesty I have this one dress that I’ve worn since high school. I promise! It still really looks nice on me. Yup! And my weight fluctuates and everything and I can’t get rid of it, but I can fit it again. I refuse to throw it away. It’s good material. I just refuse to throw it away and it’s timeless. So yeah…that’s one of those items…other than my iPod. Lol”

You go Ema! I would love to see that dress. IF IT STILL FITS…ROCK IT GIRL!


10 thoughts on “Q8. Name one item you can’t throw out.

  1. Gwen says:

    Books. I think my mom gave me a complex when I was little. So I have boxes in my garage that are filled with BOOKS!!!

  2. Mallory Smith says:

    I love this blog Tash! Very creative and it fits your personality so well! Okay, I’ll answer this question. The item I can’t get rid of is my purses. No matter how old they get, I never throw them away. I think a part of me would feel guilty because a lot of the, were gifts lol.

  3. Dawn Brown says:

    One item that I can’t seem to throw out…well sorry if this is to dang on personal but its not one but several pair of underwear! They really need to go! Even aunti flo agrees! Yikes but its true…

  4. rareepiphany says:

    I cannot throw out these little cheap porcelain cats my aunt gave me when I was like 19. She’s my aunt on my father’s side and I never really fit in with them and it was the only thing I’ve gotten from her or any of them…and no matter how much I’ve tried, I can’t make myself throw them away. i know. I need a shrink lol

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