Oh well…isht happens!

Hey guys! Yeah yeah yeah…I know I was suppose to be doing this daily Q&A blog, but I’ve totally fallen off. Truth is…the more I asked people to pose for a photo after answering my question, the hard it got for them to say yes. Doing this type of blog became uninteresting for me eventually. Hey! I’m a sanguine (look it up…it’s one of the 4 quadraints of the brain and sanguine is my primary quadraint) I get bored quickly. I’ve even had a couple of you ask, “Hey Tash! What happened to your blog? I miss it.” I attempted to start it up again, but…

So there it is. The purpose was to prove to myself that I can start something and see it through to the end. Maybe I failed at this one thing, but I’m not a failure. I’ve learnd it depends on what it is that i’m working on determines whether I finish to the end. You know? Maybe I should have started this blog by posting once a week or once a month or just whenever the mood hit me. I swallowed waaaaay more than I could chew with this little project. *shrugs*

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