An Unusual Surprise

This year, I’ve had some pretty cool surprises. However, the one that really caught me off guard actually took place at work. I work part time at an elementary school as a 5th grade tutor. I signed up to be a reading tutor, but somehow I end up tutoring math. I HATE MATH. That’s not the surprise though. For years, I was pretty certain that I didn’t like being around kids. Although, I’m with these kids M-F for a few hours a day, I find myself looking forward to hanging out with these “crumb snatchers”. LOL…yeah…that’s the surprise. Some of them really tap dance on my last nerve, and some even make me down right angry. But I get angry at some of them when they won’t try their best or when they’re disrespectful to their 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Lancaster. That woman loves them sooooooo much and she is the bomb at math. I wish I had her as my math teacher when I was coming up. Maybe I would have had a better math experience.

God has a really quirky sense of humor when He’s answering my prayers. I’ve been praying for patience and he’s using these kids…some of them a down right pain in my ars…as tools to help me with my patience. Example…there’s a kid named Jorden…he’s sitting next to me right now as I type this…HE HAS ADHD!!! Really God??? But you know what?  I love Jorden! That kid is ridiculously smart and he makes me laugh so hard (on the inside) and we share a great appreciation for Fat Albert and the Gang. That’s my buddy. I just need to help him stay focused. Pray for him though…I don’t know how he’s gonna make in middle school. He really has a hard time staying focused.

Yeah. I like being around these kids. I think about doing fun and creative things with them and for them all the time. Whenever I have a few dollars left, I bring them donuts or snacks, but only if their not acting crazy. I refuse to reward bad behavior.

Tomorrow is their last day at school, then they go on Christmas break. God-willing, I’ll see them next year. What they don’t know is that I’m going to surprise them with a pizza party. Yeah. They’ll like that.  

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