Never Have I Ever…

Natasha Nicole in the studio.A while back, me and my friends would play this game called “The Penny Game”.  Here’s how it worked. We would all get lots and lots of pennies…each of us. So each would have a huge handful. Then we would sit in a circle around a hard surface table with enough space between each other, cut off the lights so that it’s pitch black in the room, and somebody would start with the statement, “Never have I ever…”. If that person says what they’ve “never” did, the person or persons who “have done” would drop a penny on the hard surface table. The fun part is you only hear the pennies dropping, but you don’t know who’s dropping the pennies. It’s a pretty fun game…you should try it. Beware though…because when you start playing this game and as the night grows later, the “Never have I ever” statements start to get pretty racey. LOL! I’m just sayin.

I was sitting in my room the other night just thinking about how my life has been playing out lately.  I realize that there has been a lot of “never have I ever” moments going on lately that I’m actually doing.  It’s been pretty exciting too! Never have I ever been an Entertainment News Correspondent, but I’m doing that. Never have I ever had my own radio show, but I’m doing that. Never have I ever been an MC for a program, but I did that. Never have I ever been asked to speak in front of a large group for a conference, but I’m about to do that in April…I mean the list just keeps growing.  And you what else? I’ve notice as these opportunities have been presenting themselves, I’m excepting them WITHOUT fear. I think that’s awesome!

Here’s the thing, I believe God has been opening these doors for me.  I know I keep talking about Him, but I can’t help myself, He’s the reason why I’m even here and He’s the one who has been guiding my feet on this adventurous path that I’ve been on. I love that because I’m NOT a boring or dull chick…ha! He made me that way. Anyhoooo…getting back to what I was originally trying to say…I don’t embrace these opportunities with fear anymore because I know He has my back.  Also, I know that he has prepared me to take on these challenges and tasks and while I’m doing it, it’s also preparing me for more “never have I ever” stuff. Make sense???  If He’s opening these doors…why should I be afraid? He’s prepared me and He gives me the strength and the know-how to pull it off. Now I do get a little nervous because I want to do my best…and that’s normal. However, once I start…I GO ALL IN! That’s the Master at work in me! Ha!

I always believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, but I also believe that each of us has a purpose. Each of us are on assignment. So whenever you are presented with an opportunity, thank God for it because it is a blessing, but please know that it’s not just about you. God might have personally selected you to make an impact on somebody out there…and that’s what glorifies Him.

So if you and your friends decide to play “The Pennies Game” and somebody says, “Never have I ever helped a child bring their math scores up and boost their confidence”, or “Never have I ever played a part in building a home for a needy family,” or “Never have I ever spoken at a conference and helped influence a stranger to make the right decision about something they were struggling with”…you can drop your pennies and think to yourself…”hmph! I’ve done that or that happened in my life.”

2 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…

  1. Dayufpasta says:

    Never have I ever been to Australia, pastored a church by myself, or gotten a doctorate degree. I’m dropping pennies, Son!!

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