Two Posts in One…

Greetings follower(s)!

You know…when I started blogging again the whole idea was to share my thoughts about any and everything. It seems every time I write something, it always turns out being about my spiritual walk. I can’t help it and I’m not going to apologize for it.  My life…good and bad decisions and everything in between… is one big fat spiritual journey.  I’m up in age and I’m trying to figure this thing out called life and LIVE it to the fullest and best.

I have two things I wanna share that have overwhelmed my thoughts recently. Hence, the title of this post ;-).  So allow me to share and feel free to comment too.

In my relationship with God…it’s very unique. It’s different and most times inconsistent…on my end. (hey…at least i’m honest) One thing is for sure though…in the last couple years I’ve been keenly aware of when He’s showing me something about US (me and Him). It’s usually quite humbling.  Yesterday I was rudely awaken by my mother. You know the feeling when you just get into the zone of REM and then BOOM! Yeah. Needless to say I was not a good sport about it. Anyhoo…I got up and took her where she needed to go. Eventually a friendly encounter in the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory helped lighten my mood. After my mom and I got what she needed, we got into the car to head back home. Now on our way to the store, I noticed that traffic was building up to the ridiculous. When we got in the car I notice that the two usual routes I would take to get us back home was jammed pack with cars in so many directions. So immediately I went into creative-traffic-free-route-home mode. While I’m driving the unavoidable conversation went something like this:

Mom: “Why are you going this way?”

Me: “Mom, there’s traffic backed up for miles going that way and the other way.”

Mom: *silence…not for long and then she starts up again* “You’re wasting gas. Why are you making all these turns? I don’t even know where I am right now.”

Me: *silent and trying to hold my tongue*

Mom: “Ugh! We could have been home by now.”

Me: *in the most respectful tone I could muster* “Mom. There are cars jammed packed up and down Oakland and 441. We would still be standing in traffic.” (*in my head* “…standing in traffic in the heat and my car has no A/C so you MOST DEFINITELY will be complaining more than you are right now.”)

Mom: “Whateverrr”

Me: *really???*

Y’all I kid you not. In that very moment. I saw me and God. There have been soooooo many times when I’ve asked Him, “Why am I in this job? Why didn’t this relationship work? Why am I living here? This doesn’t make sense Lord…Ugh!”  When all the while God saw ahead of what I couldn’t see.  I wanted so desperately to tell my mother to please shut up and just ride, but we all know that wouldn’t have gone over well. LOL! I wondered if God has ever said, “Tash, please shut up and let me drive.”  So often I complain or find something wrong with the process of whatever it is i’m going through when all the while…all He wants me to do is trust Him and trust the process. smh

Okay…onto my second post. Today was such a BEAUTIFUL day and I had brunch at Panera. I had my purse in one hand and my Bible in the other hand. I’d plan to eat and have some one-on-one time with Jesus. As I got my order and sat down at my little round table, a middle-aged white gentleman came close to me and said, “Hello. Have a nice day…okay?” Of course I responded with a smile, “Hello! Thank you! You too!”

I finished my brunch and proceeded with my reading.  After a while, I walked out and headed towards my car to leave. The gentleman saw me again and went out of his way to say, “Enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!” and of course I responded with a smile, “I will! You do the same!”  Right then I thought…”Would he have gone out of his way to speak to me if I wasn’t carrying my Bible?” I’m assuming he too was a Christian. I found it interesting that I was identified, in his mind, as a Christian because I was carrying one of the most recognizable symbols of Christianity in my hand. Hmmmm. Now…one thing about me…I love when people greet me with enthusiasm because for the most part I do the same thing. Truth be told…it’s a greater feeling when you recognize other believers outside of the one place we all mostly congregate. But as I kept analyzing the brief exchange…it felt like we were in on a little secret that was unbeknownst to the rest of the guests at Panera. Are we suppose to be a light for ALL to see or just amongst ourselves? Hmmm. Shouldn’t we be just as joyful and pleasant in greeting folk even if they don’t appear to LOOK like what we THINK a Christian should look like? It got me wondering, what kind of aura do I give off without the visible symbol of a Christian (i.e. Bible, cross necklace, T-shirt that says “I’m a Christian) that let’s people know I’m a believer? Aren’t we suppose to be known by our fruits? (check out Galatians 5:22,23) Is it even possible to recognize these types of fruits in a brief exchange? Logic tells me that the more time you spend in the Word with Christ…something is suppose to be different about you and your demeanor. Think about it. It’s easy to spot someone in love…well at least it’s easy for me to spot. You know that person has been spending time and enjoying getting to know the other person. What’s the word? Glowing? Yeah…that’s it. LOL! And this happens before they even get an engagement ring…the universal symbol of someone in a relationship or in love. Shouldn’t the same be true when we are Christians? The kind that spend time with Jesus?

Welp…those are my thoughts for today. That’s all I got. LOL!

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