It’s crunch time!


I just registered for my TEFL Online certification course. Last night I had a little bit of a meltdown, but today is a new day. I’m one step closer to changing my life. It’s crunch time because the company that I work with is moving to an area of Miami that is too far for me. They are making that move mid-November. It is imperative for me to finish this course and get job placement before then, but it depends on my consistency. Pray for me…whomever is reading this. I’m not happy with the current status of my life and something has GOT to change. I’m taking steps to make that change and this is it. I can’t afford to drive to Miami like that everyday nor do I want to. There are 13 modules in this course. I’m gonna start module 1 today. It’s raining today so instead of watching Netflix, I’ll be working on getting my certification. Here we go…

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