Hold up…wait a minute…


Soooooo right about now, I should be on the operating table. Right?!?! NOPE! I am writing this post from the comfort of my bedroom.

Yesterday at work I was getting calls from my doctor’s office regarding the status of my surgery approval. It turns out that my insurance has not approved my surgery yet. When I called them yesterday, they said it typically takes 15 days to approve. Although my doctor’s office requested to put a rush on it since Friday, it hasn’t been approved yet.

Here’s the thing, not only does pushing things back puts a clinch in my financial situation, but my recovery time runs into a trip I’m taking in November. My doctor is giving me 6 weeks for recovery time. That time could potentially run into my trip.

Welp…right now everything is on “pause”. It’s funny. When I got this piece of news, I was a little disappointed. At the same time it didn’t surprise me. God is teaching me something here. I MUST understand that He is in control of EVERYTHING. He is teaching me that I MUST trust Him…not my finances, not my job, not my insurance…just HIM. None of this came as a surprise to Him….none of it. Everything is working according to His plan. And so I wait…

Back to work today!

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