How would you handle this?

Some of you know that I have taken a break from Facebook and I’ve been blogging more and expressing my thoughts here on WordPress. Every now and again I’ll pop on Facebook for a few minutes, but not LIVE on it like I have been lately. This morning, I popped on for a few minutes and watched this…

I cried a little bit watching this because like many of you, I’ve been in a position where I’ve heard people say things about me or messengers have brought information to me about me. Hurtful stuff. Most times, I didn’t handle it with style and grace like Sheryl did. If you really want to be honest, Sheryl handled that situation like a true “Christian”.

It’s funny how God works though. I say that because even though Sheryl knowing what she knew after that conference call, He placed her in positions to work with these women or see them at some point. I call that “a test”. I think you will agree with me that she passed with flying colors. I wish I could say the same for myself, but hey, God is still working on me.

To me that shows growth and maturity. I believe Sheryl when she said she’s not mad. I believe her when she said she hopes those women go on to do great things in their careers. This spoke to me. As long as we are living on this earth, people are going to talk. Somebody is gonna be mad or jealous or as they say…”hate” on what you’re doing or trying to do. Here’s the thing though…keep your eyes on the path that God has set before you. Don’t worry about the stones being thrown at you as you’re on your unique path. There’s no need to throw back the stones. No need for malice or revenge. Just keep walking because at the end, like Sheryl said, you will end up RIGHT where you’re suppose to be. I’m saying this to you and to ME.

I have to say that I LOVE Sheryl Underwood ever MORE for this. I’m thankful that she shared her “test” that became a “testimony”.

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