“I have breast cancer and it’s stage 4.”

“I have breast cancer and it’s stage 4.” Those were the words that came out of my niece’s mouth when she Facetimed me last week. I didn’t want to show her a sad face, but I also didn’t want to dismiss what she told me. My facial expression didn’t really know what to do.


We continued our conversation with jokes and laughs as we usually do. After I hung up though, I couldn’t help but think, “Maaaaaan i need to go and get my yearly mammogram done like yesterday.”

Lately, it has been a series of bad news. People my age dying left and right and it can really **** your mind up. I know it’s all apart of life, but still…it can be a real downer.

Last night I found out that a guy I went to college with died suddenly. He had some sudden complications in his stomach and delayed going to see a doctor after his mother urged him to and when I finally did…it was too late.

With that lingering on my brain, I got up this morning and went downtown for a mammogram. I was hoping they would take me because I didn’t have an appointment. They saw me with no problems.

What REALLY prompted me to go immediately is I’ve been having sharp twinges in my breast for the past two days now. When I got up this morning, my right arm, just near my armpit felt strange…like I pulled a muscle from lifting weights or something.

I can’t even lie to you guys. I was scared going in this morning. Last year I had a mammogram done and they said everything was fine. However, they called me back a week later with an “Ooops” call to tell me that they actually found three 8mm sized bumps or lumps or something, but it was nothing for me to worry about.

I went back last week to set up an appointment and wouldn’t you know these clowns disappeared. No warning of moving or anything. Well I explained all that to the attendant this morning at the hospital and she said I could check with my previous doctor for records and have them transfer all my records to my current doctor.

As i’m typing this post, I keep getting these sharp pangs in my right breast. I’m trying so hard not to worry or panic. I’m human. So i am gonna worry a little, but I have to keep reminding myself that GOD has me and NONE of this came as a surprise to HIM.

Maybe it’s a good thing my surgery has been delayed so I could get this mammogram stuff taken care of first. And yes…I’m still waiting for my insurance to approve and give us a date.

This journey keeps getting more and more interesting…

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