He’s in love with me…

Hello there. It’s been a minute…I know. I told you guys that I was going in for a procedure. I was only supposed to be in the hospital for two days…TOPS! Ha! Welp…I ended up being in the hospital for nearly a month. Yeah. It was quite an ordeal. I won’t go into the gross details, but I was admitted into the hospital for my procedure October 8th. Two days after that surgery, there were complications. So guess what? They operated on me AGAIN October 12th. Yup! Opened me up in the same place…the place where I’ve already had 3 surgeries prior in my 42 years of living.

I love Dr. Sam! This is our selfie right before they were gonna roll me in for the 2nd surgery.

I love Dr. Sam! This is our selfie right before they were gonna roll me in for the 2nd surgery.

I’ve been in the hospital for long periods of time before, but this time was different. I always referred the hospital as “my spa”. Thanks to Dr. Sam, I started calling the hospital “Hotel Imperial Point”. Every time they told me i was gonna be discharged, something else popped up and of course I ended prolonging my stay…so Dr. Sam would come into my room and say, “I can’t believe you’re still here at Hotel Imperial Point. (Imperial Point is the name of the hospital)

I’m so thankful for this experience as uncomfortable it was at times with tubes coming out every portal of my little body. It’s so easy to thank God when things are going well and there are rainbows and sunshine all the time. Lately, I’ve been thanking Him for this hard journey because it’s allowing me to really SEE Him. I see His love…His hardcore unconditional love for me. Every time I think about it, tears come to my eyes…even now.

I got discharged October 29th and have been recovering at home with my parents. They have been truly amazing. My parents are not young chickens. They are in their 80s and 90s. I KNOW it was God that gave them the strength to assist me when I could barely walk, rise from the bed, lift everything for me because I’m not allowed to lift anything, driving me to doctor appointments, grocery shopping for my specific needs…LORD…I’m so grateful to my parents. God bless them! They ended up getting sick with the cold, but by the time that came around, I was well enough to make my own meals and getting around the house without struggle.

Since I’ve been home recovering, I’ve had a home health nurse come to take care of my incision. My last day with her is November 24th. I’m sad that it will be her last day because she was such an angel to me. She truly took care of my wound and we’ve had amazing talks and she has been a shoulder for me when I had my mini-melt down about my situation. I know God sent Marvette to be my home health nurse. My incision is healing up nicely by the way.

I have some pretty amazing friends too. Even though my friends are far away, they FaceTimed me to check on me regularly, they paid to have healthy food shipped to my home for the next 3 weeks. Ever heard of Blue Apron? Check it out. It’s pretty amazing.

Good and healthy food in this box just for me thanks to Shamica, Tasha, and Zaria! xoxo

Good and healthy food in this box just for me thanks to Shamica, Tasha, and Zaria! xoxo

This past Wednesday was a long day. I had 3 follow up visits with my doctors…one of them being my surgeon. I was looking forward to seeing him because he’s the guy that would remove my retention sutures…and he did remove them. PRAISE GOD! Those things were starting to dig into my skin. I kinda did, but it’s nothing that a Shea Butter can’t fix. According to all my doctors, progressing very well. I’m still anemic. My hemoglobin is still a little low, but I’m doing great.

This evening I received a lovely package from a college friend of mine and it was the perfect end to this week.IMG_3114_2
A lovely Tea Set, with inspirational music, check the photo. Pretty cool huh? In fact, as i’m typing this post, I’m sipping from my T initialed mug while being serenaded by these love songs of inspiration.

This whole ordeal has shown me that God is so in love with me. It may not make sense to some of you, but it does to me. I’m so loved by Him. He has shown me His love through every single person who has crossed my path during this whole ordeal. I’m so grateful and blessed. He has kept me this whole time…like He ALWAYS does. So many people have been praying for me and still praying. I know He hears and answers because i’m still here. Every person that has come to visit me or has FaceTimed with me has said, “Tash. You don’t look sick. You don’t look like what you’re going through. You look great!” LOL…only God y’all…only God. Sometimes I get selective amnesia and I lose faith, but He manages to send me a reminder that He has NEVER left…every time.

Everything is not perfect. I don’t have everything that I want. My life is not void of problems. However, I’m right where I need to be in my life, I have everything I need, I face my problems with the promise that God is with me and He has the solutions before they even occur. From where I sit, my life is Golden.



2 thoughts on “He’s in love with me…

  1. alesialovesitaly says:

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    Wow Tasha. I have been praying for your recovery but had no idea that you remained in the hospital. I pray that things go up from here, and that you recover completely.   Alesia

    • I.Am.Tash says:

      Thank you Alesia! One thing i know for sure is that God is the ultimate Healer! No more adhesions or surgeries for me! This is it!
      Its great to hear from you as always. Say hello to Fausto for me and give Snoopy a hug for me as well.
      How are things with you? Still with Abbott?

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