Another year behind me…

Today, I had time to reflect on the entire year. Sounds like a lot and hard to do, but it was quite easy since I had the pictures to prove it.

I created a "Tasha's Year in Review 2014" for my Facebook page and bid my farewell to Facebook until 2015. (I will try to post the link at the end of this post) After reviewing and selecting the pictures, I thought, "Man! I had a great year!" I met family for the first time and met Facebook friends in person for the first time. I was employed…all year. I still have my parents in their OLD age. I DID NOT CATCH A COLD OR FLU ALL YEAR! Lol! I experienced the kindness of people like never before. New friendships were formed. So much!

While all these great things were happening to me, not so good things were happening around me. The deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice which brought the outcry of injustice in this country to the forefront. Protests that I read about in history books (not the one's in school) I actually witnessed in my city and in some major cities across the United States. It was as if I was plunged into a black-n-white 1950s film. Police (some, not all) who are suppose to protect and serve have been either choking to death or shooting multiple times at unarmed black men. Plainly speaking, it has been open season on out black men. At one point, I asked myself, "Do I even want to live here anymore?" But it doesn't matter because there are injustices and despicable crimes everywhere in the world. Question I should ask myself is "What can I do to evoke change in my little part of the world?"

I saw a lot of good through my pictures. A lot of good happening to me. I want my pictures next year to include the good happening to others. In Oprah's book "What I Know For Sure", she said she does something good for someone everyday whether she knows them or not…on purpose. I've done that before, but not intentional like she expressed in her writing. Taking the focus off yourself adds an awareness that someone other than yourself needs love, kindness, and compassion too. It's a step in the right direction of making this world a better place…one person, one kind deed at a time.

I've been making some changes …major ones. Not gonna share those just yet. I'm excited though! I'm nervous, but excited. I'm gonna take the last few weeks of 2014 to prepare my mind for what's coming in the new year…whatever that may be. All the while I will savor every moment. Take one day at a time and LIVE out each day positive, encouraged, inspired, and happy. I encourage you to do the same. Welp…until next year…

(Sorry y'all! I tried to share the link but it wouldn't post)

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