In a new space…

Yesterday, I left South Florida and moved back to Atlanta. Yeah…I know…why would I trade warm weather, sun and surf, the comforts of being near family for frigid temperatures and horrendous traffic? Well it was time for me to act on my faith…some more.

I packed EVERYTHING in my Mini and we were off! Yes...everything fit comfortably.

I packed EVERYTHING in my Mini and we were off! Yes…everything fit comfortably.

Some of you reading this may think, “Wow. She’s all over the place.” That may be, but believe me when I say, my steps are being ordered. I always believe that NOTHING happens by accident.

I interviewed with a few company overseas for ESL Teaching (remember the certification I got?), but they didn’t pan out. So as the year was coming to a close and I already decided that I wasn’t going to go any further with the company I was working with, I decided to relocate back to Atlanta and pursue my first love…Media, since I didn’t hear anything else from overseas.

So here I am. Truth be told…I’ve always wanted to come back here. I always felt I wasn’t quite done with Atlanta when I lived here a couple years ago. I have a new mindset and I’m ready to press forward.

Like I said earlier…i had to activate my faith and faith requires action. God has been showing Himself faithful, as usual, in my life. I know He has paved the way for me. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You create your path when you start walking.

There are 4 things i keep in the forefront of this journey of faith that i’m on and I’m gonna share with you:

When I get up in the morning, I smile because considering what I’ve been through health-wise, I’m so grateful to God for waking me up. I spend time meditating on His word and filling my mind with a positive outlook on what the day will bring. I pray (talk to God). I listen (spend time in His word). It really sets the tone for how I handle my day.

I love that I have friends who are inspiring, empowering, dream-chasers, goal-setters, men and women of ACTION. I’m blessed to have these folk in my life. It keeps me accountable of what I’m doing. When I was in Florida, I had those same friends even though they were far away, but thank God for modern technology like, FaceTime, Facebook, texting, etc. When you surround yourself with these type of people, you feed off each other. It doesn’t drain you. Instead, it encourages personal growth.

This has been my new mantra and I’m telling YOU…IT WORKS!! Every day i say, “Great things are gonna happen today” and it never fails. Whether it’s something big or small, something GREAT ALWAYS happens that day. This keeps me positive and smiling on the inside and most times on the outside too. LOL

Through out the day or at the end of my day, i go through rolodex of my mind and write down or say out loud the things that i’m grateful for that happened THAT day. Having an attitude of gratitude keeps complaining away, keeps fear away, and allows me to see how the hand of GOD moves in my life.

How do you start your day? What 4 things keep you focused on your journey? Please share them with me. I’d love to read them.

Well, i have to get up and get moving. It’s time to continue putting one foot in front of the other. Have a wonderful Sunday folks!

6 thoughts on “In a new space…

    • I.Am.Tash says:

      Thanks Le! But I’m actually going back to my first love…MEDIA. Maybe you misunderstood what I wrote. However, it’s always good to keep my options open. I just can’t seem to pull away from it even when I venture off to try something new. My love for radio, television and public relations is just IN ME! LOL

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