17 days into the New Year and being in Atlanta for a full week as of today, I feel like I’m TRULY LIVING!

I’ve just been opening myself up to getting out more and meeting new people. I attended a workshop called “Highbrow Chicks Get SH*T Done” the day after I arrived in the ‘A’. Went with my homegirl Christina. (Pic below)

Attending that workshop was important. It has a lot to do with something I’m working on, but I’m not ready to share that with you guys yet.

I did attended service as promised and wound up running into an ole college buddy of mine. I swear black don’t crack. It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen Marchanon. Great gal!

I agreed to help her out with singing in the choir since she is the Music Director. She said they need more voices. (yeah. I sing) Service was wonderful. Small church with a big heart.

Then I just came back from a poetry/open mic/music event that one of my other long time college buddies invited me to. My girl Pammie aka Rare Epiphany was the headliner for the evening. Yeah…I have some pretty phenomenally talented friends.

Check her out on YouTube…RareEpiphany. Oh! And like her page on Facebook too!

I almost forgot to mention that I started my Mean Green Smoothie detox today. Whew! It was hard, but I got through day one.

I’m doing it for 7 days. With all the drugs I had pumping through me while I was sick and then recovering, I figured I needed to hit the reset button on my body FOR REAL! I hate the pulp in my drink, but I have to do this for my health.

Y’all …I’m out here living. I feel so FREE since I moved. I’m taking more chances and just LIVING out loud. I’m having a blast!

I have been plugging away with the resumes though. No job offers yet, but don’t you worry. It’s coming. Until then, God is faithful and continues to take great care of me and supply ALL my needs. He’s placed great people in my path already, which is what I prayed for.

I’m wiped y’all. Going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day where I get to LIVE FREELY! Life is awesome! GN!

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