3 Ways That Keep The Monday Blues Away

Helloooooo faithful followers! I looked at the date of my last post and it’s been 2 months. Yeah…I’ve been incognegro, but for a purely legit reason. My number one man, my hero, my Daddy passed away on January 24th. Wow. It still feels weird to say it out loud or read those words.

Although, I’ve been on other social media platforms chatting my head off, I’m not quite ready to blog about what happened…yet. I will though. Stay tuned.

Anyhooo…that’s not why I hopped on the blog today! I’m on a bit of a high and I wanted to share with you…3 things you can do to fight the “Monday Blues”! Here we gooooooo…

Make the decision to be happy. 

I woke up this morning on such a high that I forgot it was Monday. LOL! Even though I’m still unemployed and looking for work, I make the choice each day to remain positive…be happy. It really is a choice. I’m confident that with every rejection I get from employers…it’s all good because they are just clearing the way for my AMAZING opportunity! So thanks, guys!

Work on a project that brings you joy. 

I’m currently working on bringing a theatre production to Atlanta. It’s going to be epic and I get giddy when I work on anything that has to do with that project. My task could be big or small. Either way, it keeps the “Monday Blues” at bay.

Eric Thomas! Enuff said!


If you never heard of Eric Thomas and his “Thank God It’s Monday” series, then you need to get on that…right after you’re done reading this post! I understand that not everyone can self motivate so sometimes you need an outside source. This guy is the real deal! Trust me! Nobody can get you pumped up on a Monday like Eric Thomas. Check him out onYouTube and subscribe.


So there ya go, my faithful followers! Make the decision to be happy, work on something that brings you joy, or check out Eric Thomas on YouTube! You can’t lose with any of these choices!

What do you do that keeps the “Monday Blues” away? Don’t be stingy! Share them with us!

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