In-town Field Trip!

Greetings followers!! Every time I come to the end of one of my amazing days and I say, “I need to blog about this,” I get distracted and forget. LOL! Sorry y’all!

Hmmmm…where do I begin? Should I break it all up into separate posts? Or just give it aaaaaaalll to ya! LOL! Welp…it’s a rainy day today, so i’m going IN!!

Some of you may remember that I completed an Associates Degree in Broadcast TV & Radio from City College of Fort Lauderdale. I finished March 2014! Woooohoooo!

Anyhooooo…my favorite professor and Department Chair of the Broadcasting Department of City College, Dr. Lewis, recently came to Atlanta for a visit. Every year he takes the Broadcasting Club on these amazing media trips to different cities so we could see what our future careers in media could look like! Two years ago I went on the Washington D.C. trip. It was amazing and memorable.

Dr. Lewis brought the new class to Atlanta and we connected he allowed me to tag along since I have so much time on my hands. (that’ll change soon)

Dr. Lewis! One of my favorite professors!

Dr. Lewis! One of my favorite professors!

It was great! We visited a company called Encompass. Encompass broadcasts 800+ channels delivering content in a variety of languages throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They’re mostly known for broadcasting ALL THINGS NFL! Pretty cool!

Then we had lunch at Atlanta’s famous Atlantic Station…well maybe not famous…but pretty cool place to hang out. Heheheee…aaaaand great place for celebrity sitings! It was unusually cold that day, which explains our attire in the picture. We had a nice time though.

Then we made our way to CBS Radio over at Atlanta’s Midtown. We hung out at V103 aka The People’s Station!



During our tour, guess who was in the house promoting the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?!?! YUP! Mona Scott Young! She’s was so nice and welcoming.

Tigger was in there too…well of course he was…he was interviewing her.

They were cool enough to give us a LIVE shout out on the radio too!

Our host, Promotion Director, Nicholas “NV” Vicente, was informative, fun, and gracious. Real cool guy! Follow him on Instagram >> @nvme68 and of course @v103atlanta

Okay, as I’m typing this…I have a lot to share with you guys. I’m gonna go ahead and break this up into separate posts.

Yeah…back to the topic..LOL…the entire day was great! Spending time with Dr. Lewis and the new class brought back some cool memories of Broadcasting school and it got me excited all over again about my future.

What i really enjoyed the most towards the end of the day was sharing my experience as a student and encouraging the new students to keep pressing towards their goal no matter what. Also, reminding them that hard work and perseverance REALLY pays off.

Okay…here are some more pics from that day! See ya on the next post!

Tigger doing his thang!

Tigger doing his thang!

IMG_4120 IMG_4122

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