Hello groovy followers! I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been a little distracted.

My “Sunday Funday” has been on a bit of a hiatus. You know…a sistah gotta conserve on the gas.

This week has been wonderful though. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. My mom, my sister and my brother came down for my nephew’s graduation. It was like having a mini family reunion.


There were  a lot of jokes on deck…per usual. My brother Bobby is a comedian..not professionally. LOL.


Since I’ve been back, i’ve been so consumed with looking for a job that I’ve neglected to spend time with my family. Having my family here from out of town kinda kick-started that realization. As I type this post my niece is putting faux locs in my hair. We’re bonding. (photos will appear when it’s done). She’s a cool kid. People call her my twin.


I’m most thankful that my brother, Don is doing better. He had major surgery a few weeks ago. He still has to deal with lower back pain every now and again, but he’s a trooper and FIRM believer in the power of prayer. So whisper a prayer when you think of Don, guys.


Welp…i just wanted to pause of a moment and let you in on what’s been happening with me. However, let me leave you with these three things:

1) Don’t get so obsessed with life that you neglect the people that matter the most…FAMILY. I attended my nephew’s graduation and i’m so proud of him, but I also realized that I don’t really KNOW him. I’m gonna fix that though now that I’m here in Atlanta.


2) No matter how dysfunctional your family maybe…love them anyway. Nobody’s perfect.  We were all staying in my brother’s apartment with his family. It was sardine city up in there and after a few days… you know how it is…certain folk can begin to get on your nerves. But after you roll your eyes or pop off…guess what…that’s still family and you gotta love ’em anyway. Overall, we had fun being together under one roof.

3) Don’t take for granted that the people you love will always be around. Being together, even though we’re all adjusting to our “new normal” not having Daddy around after his passing on January 24, 2015, felt a little weird and off. We got through it though…together. Love your family and let them know you love and appreciate them. Celebrate them. Enjoy each other. Tomorrow is not promised.

That’s all i got right now. I’m thankful for my boost this past week. Family is EVERYTHING.

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