Hey! What’s new? It’s summer!!!!

Hey y’all! Sooooooo i’ve been busy! Per usual. LOL. I’m still on the hunt for a job, but I’ve also been having a little fun too. You know what they say, all work and no play can turn you into a mean person (is that what they say????)

Anyhooooo…among the other things I”m doing to stay busy, like journaling, blogging, managing social media for a local business, I’ve added “Vlogging”! Yup! I have a YouTube channel guys! It’s called….(drum roll please)…”I.AM.TASH…A SoFlo chick living in the peach state.” (click the link below…after you read the post of course)


YouTube header

Yeah…my niece challenged me to start a channel to keep myself busy and creative. I thought…hmmm…not a bad idea. Plus I joined Shameless Maya’s “Do You Boo” group on Facebook and the challenge to shamelessly start a YouTube was put out there too. I figure this must be a sign. LOL!

So far I’m enjoying the process. I’m not really looking for fame or looking to be discovered…although i think I wouldn’t mind that…it just helps me stay in my happy place. After you check out my channel, please subscribe. Your support would be appreciated of course…aaaaaaaand if you have a channel I’ll subscribe too.

Lots of new things happening, peeps! Changed my hair up a little bit too…for the summer. I got Faux Locs! Mmmmhmmm What do you think?Faux Locs

Pretty dope, huh?? The goal was to keep them in for the summer, but because I am a creature of change and always doing new things with my hair. I predict this won’t be in my hair any longer than July. We’ll see.

Hmmmm…what else is going on??? I was getting involved in some tutoring on the weekends, but that’s on pause for now. It’s pretty cool. I”m actually helping 4th graders with the art of public speaking. I’m working on a format that would be fun and not intimidating. I can’t wait until that starts up again.

Summer is definitely here in good ole Atlanta! Lots of musical talent coming through. Tons of summer concert performances. I hope to at least attend one.

Anyhoooo…what have you been up to so far this summer?

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