Once again I find myself binge posting to you guys. LOL!  


I’m sitting here waiting for the DP to arrive. What is she talking about? You’re probably asking. Ooooooh so much has been progressively happening. I’m not really sure where I left off, honestly. 
Oh yeah! In my last post, I was talking about some family members I met for the first time from my Daddy’s side of the family. (Read the previous post to refresh your memory. It’s pretty cool how it went down)

In that post I also mentioned that I was still sending out resumes and getting interviews. None panned out with the exception of one. I decided to take a different route tho…the one that was designed for me.  

 I decided to stop punking out and be more intentional about where I wanted my life to go. I applied for a volunteer gig with The Steve Harvey Annual Neighborhood Awards and GOT IT! It was such an amazing experience. I met some cool people, made great contacts, and got great advice.   

 Me following thru on that advice landed me PA (production Assistant) gig on an independent film. 


 Then that opportunity birthed another PA gig on a web series…it’s the one I’m currently waiting for the DP to arrive. 



  And guess what? I have another PA gig coming that starts in a few weeks. My life has been all things amazing. Once I took that leap of faith, the doors just kept opening. 

Guess what else! I got a paying job! Yup! I’m a Personal Assistant and loving it because it allows me to be flexible with my Production gigs and I’m NOT confined to a desk all day. Woooohooo!    

 I’m caught up on my car payment, car insurance, phone bill, aaaaaand I have a place to stay with affordable rent….living downtown just like I wanted. WON’T HE DO IT?!?!?

The year started out rocking my world by the passing of my father. I’m still in my grieving process, but I’m getting through it with the help of my therapist. She is awesome. I saw her yesterday and she said I’ve made huge strides over the last 3 months. I have to agree with her. 

 I’m curious to see how this year ends. I’m taking one day at a time though and just soaking up every moment. Wow. It’s amazing what can happen when you make a decision and take the leap. I encourage you to don’t stop chasing your dreams. Take the leap. Stay the course. It WILL come to pass.  

 My dream is to work on a hit TV show as a Floor Manager or in whatever capacity where I can use my gifts and talents. It’s gonna happen. Stay tuned. 

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