I see you, 2016! My FIRST Vision Board!

One of the many things I wanted to be different about 2015, was meet new people. I’ve been successful in doing just that. Not just any people…but people who are positive and dream-chasers. 

On the last film project I worked on this year, I met Arlene. She is a hairstylist specifically in film and tv. She rocks! We kept in touch via social media after we wrapped on the last film. Recently Arlene invited me to a Vision Board Party. 

I’ve always heard of vision boards, but never done one. A vision board is where you proclaim what you want to see happen in your life by displaying them in pictures or words on a canvas or poster board. Those things you put on your board…mostly come true. Plus it’s a reminder of what to look forward to when you see it every day on your wall.  This works for me because I am a very visual person. 

I accepted the invite with anticipation! Oooooweee! MY FIRST VISION BOARD! The invite went out to a lot of people. I wasn’t sure who was gonna be there but I didn’t care if I was the only one…I was ready to put my 2016 on a poster board. 

When I arrived, I met Arlene’s lovely family. There was a lot of food too! I was the first to arrive even though I was a few minutes late. A few more people trickled in and before I knew it, after we ate, it was eight us including her little ones, getting it in. 

It was great! We shared highlights from this past year. We talked about the learning curve of being a mother (y’all know I ain’t got no kids, but I learned some things), we talked about our personal goals, struggles, and triumphs. 

I appreciated that Arlene had her children there with us so they can personally see that it’s okay to dream big and dreams DO come true. Arlene said last year they did vision boards and every single one came true…plus more! How cool is that??


There was one young lady name Britney. She had such a sweet spirit. 

  When I first came in, we talked a little bit about love. Arlene said we can add ANYTHING  to our boards. I thought, “Including love??”  Me and Britney giggled. I shyed away from the thought and Britney asked why. I said my heart is closed and I’m scared. I’ve been hurt too many times. 

This young lady told me, “Don’t be afraid to love. The moment you let go, it will happen.” She said it so easily and fearless. She actually put me at ease. 

She also said don’t be afraid to get hurt again. Just forgive and move on. Simple. 

Wouldn’t you know “LOVE” was the first thing I added to my board? Thank you, Britney. 

After we completed our boards, we got in a circle and proclaimed the things we were saying goodbye to. Fear. Insecurities. Depression. Procrastination. Toxic relationships. Fat. Doubt. Unforgiveness. Impatience. I probably missed a few, but I think you get the picture. 

Then Arlene prayed over us all and our boards. There was so much love in that circle. So much love in that room. I didn’t know what to expect other than cutting out pictures and posting it to a board. I got so much more from this time spent with these amazing people.

  I was excited about the new year, but NOW I’m super stoked…not just for myself but for everyone one else too!!! Cheers to seeing the vision come true in 2016!

   If you’ve never done a vision board…DO IT! 

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