The Grey Button

A few years ago, my homie, Meeks, put me onto a young lady who made these unique earrings from leather.

the grey button_leather earrings

When I moved to Atlanta last year, I found out that she also makes handbags. You HAVE to see this for yourself. I had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Lately with the wake of things that’s been happening within my community…African-American community…I feel obligated to do SOMETHING. I’ve never been a “town-cryer” for social justice, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see things happening. I observe and make decisions to do my part…in my little corner of the world.

African-Americans spend the most money in this country. The last time I checked it was somewhere in the trillions. How much of that money is being funneled in our community? Hmmm…think about that. Anyhooooo I’ve decided that maybe if my people knew that there were quality product and services available, they would support it. Supporting black owned businesses allows these companies to expand and create jobs.

So i’ve decided to revamp my YouTube channel by showcasing black owned businesses. It’s the least I can do to help keep these businesses growing. So please support and spread the word. I’m working to post videos every other Thursday on my YouTube channel, I.Am.Tash. Oh! And please subscribe too!

My first interview was with Nadia Beck. She and her husband run The Grey Button out of their home.

nadia beck and her corners bag

The handbags and accessories that they custom make are incredible. You gotta check it out.

Leave a comment. Let me know what you think. Here’s the link to The Grey Button interview . There is a special offer in the video you don’t wanna miss. Make sure you pay attention for the code…the offer is good until August 19th!

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