Q.1 What is your mission?

Q&A a Day is back! Only difference is it’s a Q&A a Week! First up! Malia!

(Photo Credit: Shamica West)

“My mission is to be braver. I have an issue with fear. Everything is very scary for me. It seems big and out of my reach. So I want to understand how I can see challenges or something that I am excited about and I want to overcome them as opposed to thinking of all the ways they could fall apart. 

Also my mission, when it comes to what i want to do, is to explore the artist in me even more and learn as much as I possibly can…read as much as I possibly can… so i can become more aware of who I am as an actress, as a singer, ALL of that stuff! The goal is to know what my lane is and be the BEST at what i’m doing.”

Something tells me we WILL see Malia on stage or screen REAL soon. 

So reader!!! Tell me…what is your mission?

4 thoughts on “Q.1 What is your mission?

  1. kelley says:

    Wow, that’s all? I mean she’s halfway there with that response 👏🏾

    My mission is to do more of what molds me into a better me: traveling, arting, reading, learning. And not to be so hard on myself when I feel stagnant.

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