Whether you are apart of my regular audience or you just popped in to see what the fuss was all about…WELCOME! I.Am.Tash.

I am originally from South Florida and now I live in the peach state…Georgia.

In this space, I share pieces of what’s going on in my life. Feel free to share. I believe we don’t go through situations and experiences in our lives for nothing. We go through them and come out on the other side to lift someone else up who might have gone through the same thing. NOBODY is alone in their journey. Trust me.

Not only am I a Blogger…but i’m a Vlogger too! Yup! You can check me out on http://youtube.com/c/iamtashsoflochick   Yeah yeah yeah…I know the link is long. LOL! Please subscribe! I would love and appreciate your support.

Welp…here we goooooo!

One thought on “About

  1. Luz says:

    Tasha!!!! I love it!!! I really think is a great idea!!!! Really looking forward to it!!! And I’m sure I’ll be posting my answers too! Good luck!!

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