There’s still an hour left before my Sunday morning becomes Sunday afternoon…sooooo GOOD MORNING, Y’ALL!!

I love quiet Sunday mornings. They are the best especially when it’s super early and all you hear is the ambient noises and your breathing. This is the time where I reflect on what happened the day before and sometimes during the week or at least those things that jump out at me.

By the way, my YouTube is on pause right now do to editing accessibility. As soon as I get access again, I’ll be posting more videos promoting black owned businesses. Plus with this new job and EVERYTHING…i gotta find some balance without going completely nuts.


I am officially one month into my new job at the CBS affiliate

It is a stressful job, but when I woke up this morning thinking about how these past 4 weeks have been going…all I could be is GRATEFUL…and I truly am. I have to constantly remind myself that i’m still new to the position (Traffic Coordinator) and I won’t perfect it in just 4 weeks or maybe even 4 months. I have a great team though and everyone is so very helpful …including my boss.

However, when you have a $16,000 30second spot glaring at you and it’s your responsibility to make sure it airs during the correct Daypart and rotation…you kinda don’t  wanna ***k it up. So I tend to get a little nervous when it’s that serious…which is often.


It’s great to be in my own space after living up under other people’s roof over the last 5 years. I still don’t have any furniture, but you know what??? I don’t care. love-shack

I thank the Creator every day for my little space i affectionately call “The Love Shack”. I have plenty of time to fill it with all the things, colors, accessories, etc that I love and that bring a smile to my face and makes visitors feel at home and good vibes when they come by. Although, I am still very cautious who I allow into my space.

For the first time in a couple months I was able to fill my refrigerator  and pantry with FOOD. OH BLESS THE LORD!! Grateful, y’all! I had to focus on getting some financial responsibilities squared away before I could go crazy with my grocery list. Don’t get me wrong…i was still eating…just not from my own table. Now i can fix my own salads, cook my own meals, and STOP eating out all the time.


I don’t have one. That’s all! NEXT!!!

LOL!! Juuuuuust kidding! I do have a love life…LOVING ON ME!! Yup! Sounds corny, but it’s true. Now i’m not saying I wouldn’t want to be in a loving relationship with someone, but that’s just not what it is right now. He hasn’t found me yet. So in the meantime, i’m continuing the “LOVE ME SOME TASH” journey. How do I do that? Welp…when things get hectic or when there are just too many voices clambering at  me…I take a time out, sit under and tree, read a great book that feeds my

One of my good friends gave me this book. I am half way through it. I think i’ll finish it today.  So many great nuggets in this book that constantly reminds you of the greatness that’s already within you and how you can tap into your ultimate Source Energy (I refer to that as God) and reminding you to love yourself at the end of each chapter. Check it out.

I love on myself by exercising and making smart choices when it comes to my diet. I recently started working out again. a-mean-workout

I’ve had this DVD FOREVERRRRR…and like with ANY workout…when you remain consistent…you will see results. I like Harvey. Although he can be very mean, “GET OFF YOUR FAT LAZY ASS AND BUILD THAT HOUSE!” Starting a new workout regimen leaves you sore as hell the next couple days, but the boost I get to sustain me during the day is so worth it. I’m loving myself.

At work it’s so easy to buy something because Atlantic Station is literally down the street, but i’m not bawling yet, so I had to take it easy and started fixing my own meals. I ate this salad for a straight week and loved it! work-salad

It included, spinach leaves, craisins, bleu cheese crumbles, walnuts, grapes, and balsamic vinigeratte. I KILLED this salad for lunch everyday last week. It’s not the only thing I eat. I eat breakfast and maybe a smoothie for dinner…with healthy light snacks in between. Changing things up with a workout and eating better has knocked out the afternoon drowsiness i was starting to get at work around 3pm. Now I’m full of energy all through the day. I’m loving myself.

Last night, a friend invited me to attend a panel discussion that dealt with relationships. I honestly did not want to go because i’m tired of dissecting relationships and why some do and don’t work, yada yada yada. However, I was obedient and I went any way and i’m glad I did. I’ve been divorced for 11 years and while I have healed from that painful experience, I still have a couple things I need to work on. I came away with this book .


This book was written by, Jimmie D. Rogers, who was one of the individuals on the panel discussing life after his first marriage and now life  in his current marriage. I may tap into this today as well.


I noticed lately that I’ve been getting subtle hints about meditation first thing in the morning. So i decided to try it out. It’s not as easy as it may seem when you first start out. I set my alarm to go off after 5 minutes. Funny thing happened though as I was a minute or so in…trying not think and just BE…sunday-birdie

I heard a loud THUD against my bedroom window. It broke my concentration enough to just turn my head in wander, but I continued with my meditation and I was impressed that I actually kept my thoughts on silent for 5 minutes. I got up went out on my balcony and saw this guy. Isn’t he beautiful??? He wasn’t hurt because when I got really close to touch him he immediately flew away.

I felt like I welcomed my Source Energy (God) when I paused to meditate. It’s like He appeared to me in the form of one of His beautiful creations, a stunningly green bird.

God has His unique ways of letting me know that He’s with me all the time or that He hears me. I love it when I notice it.

I always say that my life is not perfect, but quite honestly life is good and so is God. I’ve had a loooooong winter (medical issues, Daddy passing away, living like a gypsy, no full time job), but through it all, God has been carrying me. And now I’m in my “spring time”. Life is coasting along and I’m settling in just fine. No matter the changes in my personal seasons that I go through, He’s ALWAYS there…and reminding me that He’s never left.

Okay…that’s all I got, folks! Until next time…

The Grey Button

A few years ago, my homie, Meeks, put me onto a young lady who made these unique earrings from leather.

the grey button_leather earrings

When I moved to Atlanta last year, I found out that she also makes handbags. You HAVE to see this for yourself. I had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Lately with the wake of things that’s been happening within my community…African-American community…I feel obligated to do SOMETHING. I’ve never been a “town-cryer” for social justice, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see things happening. I observe and make decisions to do my part…in my little corner of the world.

African-Americans spend the most money in this country. The last time I checked it was somewhere in the trillions. How much of that money is being funneled in our community? Hmmm…think about that. Anyhooooo I’ve decided that maybe if my people knew that there were quality product and services available, they would support it. Supporting black owned businesses allows these companies to expand and create jobs.

So i’ve decided to revamp my YouTube channel by showcasing black owned businesses. It’s the least I can do to help keep these businesses growing. So please support and spread the word. I’m working to post videos every other Thursday on my YouTube channel, I.Am.Tash. Oh! And please subscribe too!

My first interview was with Nadia Beck. She and her husband run The Grey Button out of their home.

nadia beck and her corners bag

The handbags and accessories that they custom make are incredible. You gotta check it out.

Leave a comment. Let me know what you think. Here’s the link to The Grey Button interview . There is a special offer in the video you don’t wanna miss. Make sure you pay attention for the code…the offer is good until August 19th!

Human Trafficking…a TUF discussion

Hey guys! Two days ago I had the honor of helping a friend by moderating/hosting an event that brought awareness to a huge epidemic globally…particularly right here in our backyard in Atlanta…human trafficking.


It was quite the eye-opener for me as I was doing research and preparing for this event. I didn’t know much about human trafficking until I saw the movie, “Taken” with Liam Nielson. Even then, I didn’t know there was an official name for that type of crime.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2015, when I worked on a set as a Production Assistant on a webseries, called “Magnolia Avenue”. This series was written for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to one the biggest hubs for human trafficking…Atlanta, GA. I couldn’t believe it.

Human trafficking is actually a $150 billion dollar (and rising)  industry second to illegal drugs and arms in the world. Although it boasts of millions and millions of victims in Cambodia and India, it is prevalent in other countries such as Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Nigeria just to name a few and of course…right here in the “land of the free”.

I found out that human trafficking is not only selling of a human being for sexual exploitation, other types of human trafficking involves organ harvesting and forced labor. However, 75% – 80% of this disgusting crime is used for sex. Women, children, men, transgender all fall victim to this heinous crime…children being the #1 target.

I was nervous about moderating this round-table discussion on this topic. Once I got over my nervousness, which was the day of, I learned so much and I’m glad I was apart of it. It is definitely a topic we should keep in the forefront of our minds. Children go missing all the time and there’s a good chance they are probably snatched by someone who will exploit them sexually or worse.


The event was great and successful. Everyone who came out had great input and information to share to help us become aware of suspicious activity that could lead to saving someone’s life.


November is far off, but please remember to vote “Yes” for Safe Harbor/Rachel Law in your state. We need to make sure laws are put in place to protect our loved ones and friends from human trafficking. If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend you check out my friend’s website,  It’s a cause she’s very passionate about…we all should be passionate about.


Find out how you can help.

First Post of 2016!

We are 7 days into the new year! Happy New Year, my precious followers! On my last post, I shared how I participated in a vision board party. It was my first time laying down my future in the form of pictures. I have to tell y’all…some of the things that are currently on my vision board already started happening before the new year began.

Oh how I wish I had pictures to show you where I am right now, but out of respect for what we’re doing here, I chose not to share pics. Maybe after things wrap up…

I am currently on a movie set. We will be filming for two weeks.  It’s pretty surreal talking and looking into the faces of people i’m used to seeing on TV. One thing I’ve learned about this business is when you’re working in the business, your urge to be awestruck  completely dies…immediately…at least for me anyway. I think it’s that way because your focus is to be professional at all times. Then after a while, you realize these celebrities are just regular people working a non-regular job.

I’m having a good time so far. I’ve met really incredible people. I have worked as a Production Assistant on several products last year and i’m learning that there are various degrees of a PA. I’ve worked as a Key PA, a Set PA, a regular PA (whatever that is), and now i’m working as a Office PA. I like it.

Some people may say that the PA position is the bottom of the barrel type position, but I don’t see it that way at all. It is the perfect position to view all the other positions and glean as much as you can. By the end of the project, you are loaded with so much knowledge and you decide for yourself what direction you want to go in your Film/TV career. I don’t intend to be a PA forever. No ma’am.

It’s a great way to network though. And if you work really hard and have a great personality, people will remember you and you’ll get more offers to work on really great projects. That’s how I got each gig i’ve been on so far. Thank GOD!

My goal is to work on a hit TV show as a Stage/Floor Manager. However, I’m not limiting myself to just that. I am open to wherever my talents will take me.

I love the flexibility of working in the Film/TV industry because for starters…I’m not confined to a desk all day. I absolutely can’t stand being confined…especially to a desk. Working in this industry gives you the freedom to have multiple types of income.

Since I’ve been onset, during our down time, the crew that i’m working with…they are working on their other side hustle(s). What I REALLY love about it is they are WOMEN. It’s very empowering.

What’s funny is i’ve never seen myself as an entrepreneur, but lately I’ve been surrounded by entrepreneurs and been getting encouragement to start my own thing. I have ideas, but I always seem to get stuck on the ‘how’. I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem anymore. I make it a problem when I allow my fear to get in the way. But that’s not gonna be a problem anymore either because I said “GOODBYE” to fear at the end of 2015.

HA! I didn’t intend for this post to be that long, but I hope you got something out of my need to share.

If you don’t get anything else from this post, get this…don’t be afraid to go out there and DO IT! I’ve learned as I’m on this journey that when I continue to make steps towards what I want to do…what I need will come without me even trying.

Okay. I gotta get back to work 🙂






I see you, 2016! My FIRST Vision Board!

One of the many things I wanted to be different about 2015, was meet new people. I’ve been successful in doing just that. Not just any people…but people who are positive and dream-chasers. 

On the last film project I worked on this year, I met Arlene. She is a hairstylist specifically in film and tv. She rocks! We kept in touch via social media after we wrapped on the last film. Recently Arlene invited me to a Vision Board Party. 

I’ve always heard of vision boards, but never done one. A vision board is where you proclaim what you want to see happen in your life by displaying them in pictures or words on a canvas or poster board. Those things you put on your board…mostly come true. Plus it’s a reminder of what to look forward to when you see it every day on your wall.  This works for me because I am a very visual person. 

I accepted the invite with anticipation! Oooooweee! MY FIRST VISION BOARD! The invite went out to a lot of people. I wasn’t sure who was gonna be there but I didn’t care if I was the only one…I was ready to put my 2016 on a poster board. 

When I arrived, I met Arlene’s lovely family. There was a lot of food too! I was the first to arrive even though I was a few minutes late. A few more people trickled in and before I knew it, after we ate, it was eight us including her little ones, getting it in. 

It was great! We shared highlights from this past year. We talked about the learning curve of being a mother (y’all know I ain’t got no kids, but I learned some things), we talked about our personal goals, struggles, and triumphs. 

I appreciated that Arlene had her children there with us so they can personally see that it’s okay to dream big and dreams DO come true. Arlene said last year they did vision boards and every single one came true…plus more! How cool is that??


There was one young lady name Britney. She had such a sweet spirit. 

  When I first came in, we talked a little bit about love. Arlene said we can add ANYTHING  to our boards. I thought, “Including love??”  Me and Britney giggled. I shyed away from the thought and Britney asked why. I said my heart is closed and I’m scared. I’ve been hurt too many times. 

This young lady told me, “Don’t be afraid to love. The moment you let go, it will happen.” She said it so easily and fearless. She actually put me at ease. 

She also said don’t be afraid to get hurt again. Just forgive and move on. Simple. 

Wouldn’t you know “LOVE” was the first thing I added to my board? Thank you, Britney. 

After we completed our boards, we got in a circle and proclaimed the things we were saying goodbye to. Fear. Insecurities. Depression. Procrastination. Toxic relationships. Fat. Doubt. Unforgiveness. Impatience. I probably missed a few, but I think you get the picture. 

Then Arlene prayed over us all and our boards. There was so much love in that circle. So much love in that room. I didn’t know what to expect other than cutting out pictures and posting it to a board. I got so much more from this time spent with these amazing people.

  I was excited about the new year, but NOW I’m super stoked…not just for myself but for everyone one else too!!! Cheers to seeing the vision come true in 2016!

   If you’ve never done a vision board…DO IT! 

To Relax or Not to Relax

Many moons ago, well not really, maybe 20 or so years ago, I cut all my hair off. I was married at the time and my spontaneity was not well received. 

I loved it! I felt a certain sense of liberation. All I had to do was wake up in the morning, feel the warm water from the shower head cascade down my beautiful dome, get out and brush it, and that was that. Off to work!

I remember being in undergrad and taking a writing class. We had to write an article about “anything”. So I chose to write about my hair. 

Man! I wish I could find that article so I could share some excerpts from it with you. 

Writing that article about my hair was so cathartic. It caused me to examine my honest feelings of who I am and what I truly liked and dislike about my follicles. 

I think the title of it was “I Am Not My Hair” at the time India.Arie just came out with the song and its lyrics mesmerized me. 

In the article I stated that I preferred my hair relaxed when it was long. When I was little, I enjoyed how I would run down the hallway of my house just so the breeze would catch just right and my hair would flap.  

 I also talked about how my great grandfather on my mother’s side was to blame for my texture as he was African and my great grandmother was Indian. Yeah. I was brutally honest. 

As I continued with this self-examining article, I realized that my beauty was not defined by my hair or hair texture. Also, whether I choose to relax or wear it natural is totally my choice. 

I since then have a whole new appreciation and love for who I am. All the things I love about Tash; my laugh, my thought process, my loyalty to friends, my generosity, my thoughtfulness, my youthfulness, and so much more.  

 You see…I’m not my hair. I catch myself now when fellow naturals wanna dive back into the pool of the “cremey crack” by not shaming them for wanting to go back relaxed. 

Sometimes, it’s the simple reason of convenience. I totally get it. Doesn’t mean they have self-hate or at least that’s what I know about my natural friends. 

Do you. Natural or straight! ROCK IT OUT! In fact, today I had a taste of the relaxer bug myself  because sometimes I just want a break. That’s all. Maintaining natural hair can be a handful especially when you have a lot of it like me. 

Truth be told, me being a creature of change, I would probably get bored of my hair being straight all the time anyway.  

 Anyhoooo…I’m still natural…for now. LOL

Who knows what I’ll do next…


Once again I find myself binge posting to you guys. LOL!  


I’m sitting here waiting for the DP to arrive. What is she talking about? You’re probably asking. Ooooooh so much has been progressively happening. I’m not really sure where I left off, honestly. 
Oh yeah! In my last post, I was talking about some family members I met for the first time from my Daddy’s side of the family. (Read the previous post to refresh your memory. It’s pretty cool how it went down)

In that post I also mentioned that I was still sending out resumes and getting interviews. None panned out with the exception of one. I decided to take a different route tho…the one that was designed for me.  

 I decided to stop punking out and be more intentional about where I wanted my life to go. I applied for a volunteer gig with The Steve Harvey Annual Neighborhood Awards and GOT IT! It was such an amazing experience. I met some cool people, made great contacts, and got great advice.   

 Me following thru on that advice landed me PA (production Assistant) gig on an independent film. 


 Then that opportunity birthed another PA gig on a web series…it’s the one I’m currently waiting for the DP to arrive. 



  And guess what? I have another PA gig coming that starts in a few weeks. My life has been all things amazing. Once I took that leap of faith, the doors just kept opening. 

Guess what else! I got a paying job! Yup! I’m a Personal Assistant and loving it because it allows me to be flexible with my Production gigs and I’m NOT confined to a desk all day. Woooohooo!    

 I’m caught up on my car payment, car insurance, phone bill, aaaaaand I have a place to stay with affordable rent….living downtown just like I wanted. WON’T HE DO IT?!?!?

The year started out rocking my world by the passing of my father. I’m still in my grieving process, but I’m getting through it with the help of my therapist. She is awesome. I saw her yesterday and she said I’ve made huge strides over the last 3 months. I have to agree with her. 

 I’m curious to see how this year ends. I’m taking one day at a time though and just soaking up every moment. Wow. It’s amazing what can happen when you make a decision and take the leap. I encourage you to don’t stop chasing your dreams. Take the leap. Stay the course. It WILL come to pass.  

 My dream is to work on a hit TV show as a Floor Manager or in whatever capacity where I can use my gifts and talents. It’s gonna happen. Stay tuned. 

My Steps Were Ordered

This morning I woke up thanking God for a new day. I had no idea what the day was going to bring other than the 3rd interview I had schedule for 11 o’clock.

Lately, my prayers have been different. These days I always make sure I include two important things in my chats with God regarding myself…1) Order my steps 2) Give me YOUR strength to hold on today.

After my job interview today, which went very well by the way, I was headed back to the place where I lay my head at night and on the way I decided to check out this model home I keep passing on the road all the time. I mean what else did I have planned today other than sending out more resumes?

I popped in there and there was a gentleman who greeted me heartily. He had an accent. We didn’t chat long enough for me to figure out what Island he was from because I was so excited to see this model home.

After my solo tour of this beautiful home, I met with the man. We started chatting a bit. He asked if I was in the market and I promptly said, “Nope. Not yet.” We kept talking. We covered so much ground in our conversation that I mentioned my family is from Trinidad. He said he was from Trinidad too. I kinda figured that out once he got comfortable speaking with me.

Then he mentioned that his wife is from Grenada. I said, “Wow. My father has family in Grenada as well.” The man asked me my last name. When I told him “Darius”, he lost his balance a little and plopped himself in a chair near by. Thank God…because I wasn’t close enough to catch him.

The man, who is now known as James, said excitedly, “MY WIFE IS A DARIUS!” At this point we’re both laughing. He said we have to be related because Grenada is a very small island and the only Darius family he knows on the island is his wife’s family.

I told him a little of what Daddy shared with me about his family in Grenada and a cousin who we seemed to have in common. I wanted to be sure we were talking about the same person so I called my sister in Trinidad to confirm. I tried reaching my sister, but couldn’t get her. Turns out my sister called me later this afternoon and I told her what happened. She confirmed it. I’m related to James’s wife.

We sat and talked for a long while as he shared with me about how he met the Darius family and the type of people they were…content, kind, peaceful, wise, musical, good people. I’m sitting there listening to this man and i couldn’t fight my tears because everything he was saying matched a lot of what Daddy shared with me and it was as if Daddy was brought back to life.

Daddy on the left at age 21...I think. Daddy on the right at 87...I think.

Daddy on the left at age 21…I think. Daddy on the right at 87…I think.

I’m so full right now. We exchanged numbers and I’m looking forward to meeting Daddy’s cousin. Wow. When I showed him Daddy’s picture, he said, “Yes! Yes! He looks so much like my wife’s father.”

Words can’t begin to express what I’m feeling right now other then just…full.

It’s been seven months since Daddy died. I’ve been handling this new normal better than I thought. I had Daddy’s profile picture on my Facebook page for a while. I felt a little strange changing it recently.

Every time I paused to long to look at his picture. I’d feel sad and cry because I can’t call him. It’s still fresh. Still fresh. Meeting more family today felt strange, but I was happy because to here this man talk kindly about what kind of people the Darius family are made me proud and helped me understand even more the kind of man Daddy was and why people loved him upon first meeting him. He came from GREAT stalk. No surprise there!

All the stories this man shared with me today, matched everything my Daddy told me. It’s not that I didn’t believe Daddy. It was just cool to hear hit again from someone who knew the Darius family before he married into the family.

What a day…what a day.

I Am Doing A Lot!

Every time I jump on here to post something, I feel like I’m playing catchup or is it “ketchup”. LOL! Get it?

So here’s what’s new with me, guys. You already know from my previous post that I’m vlogging on my YouTube channel…I.AM.TASH.  (click the link below and subscribe)

Those who subscribe to my channel get a raw peak into my world while I’m living in the peach state. What I also do on my channel is promote small businesses. Aaaaaaand I have a designated segment called “Monday’s with Meeks” where my friend Meeks comes on and shares fun stuff…anything.

 This time we went to Chattanooga, TN to visit the owner of “Natty Naturals”, Dominique. We had a blast with her and also shot an episode for my YouTube channel, I.AM.TASH.

This lovely gal makes all natural Beard & Shave Care, Bath, Body & Hair Care, as well as Oral Health Care products. We love her! Check out her website and support.

Her shop is an oasis of Bohemian love! I can dig it!

After that, we had lunch in Chatty town and I must say for the little time I’ve spent in Chattanooga, I’m falling in love. I love the people. The city has a real southern charm I can get used to. I had a great time yesterday with my friends/family.  I’ll be back, Chattanooga!

Hmmmm…oh! I’m also doing radio now! Yup! I’m in my element! I’m on a weekly radio show called “Appreciation & Praise Soulful Sunday’s”. My radio name is “Black Coffee” because I’m strong and perky! Heheheheee! I am the co-producer, Graphic Designer for Promotions and Marketing, and the Radio Personality who keeps listeners up to date with what’s “percolating” on social media. Get it? Black Coffee?

So while you’re having your Sunday brunch, tune in to Appreciation & Praise Soulful Sunday’s on at 10AM. We are the only radio show focusing on Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, these topics and so much more. No holds barred either.

I remember a few years ago telling someone that I wanted to do both radio and television. Now I’m doing it! Hold up…does YouTube count as TV??? Well…who cares. It’s counts in my world. What matters is I’M BROADCASTING, GUYS!! YAY!

That’s all I got right now. Oh! I almost forgot! Aside from all of that, I am active with my Buckhead Community Fellowship Family (BCF). Along with my BCF Family, I am a member of The Community Lab which is an Atlanta-based coalition of nonprofit organizations that train young professionals to collaborate and execute positive change in low-income communities. I’ll blog about that real soon.

Aaaaaaaaand I’m seeing a therapist to help me with my grieving process. Yes. I’m busy, but the void is still there and silence is sometimes deafening. She’s a wonderful gal and we got a lot of bricks to take down. I’m grateful for the help though. I can’t do it alone. Too hard.

So there! I’m gonna get out of this room and spend some time outdoors. It’s gorgeous outside! Later y’all!