Q32. The first thing you ate today was____.

Location: Aventura Mall

David (right) “The first thing I ate today was a banana.”
Luke (left) “I had coffee.”


Q31. What was the last book you read?

Location: Victoria’s Secret

This is Vinnie.
“What’s the last book I read???? Wow! LOL! The last book that I read was called ” DRACULA”. It was during my eleventh grade year in high school…about two years ago. Actually it was almost three years ago in my French class! LOL. Man! I feel so bad! I guess I need to read a book! LOL!”


Q30. Describe your work ethic.

Location: African American Heritage Research Library

“My name is Marjorie. My personal work ethic is one of total involvement. I usually don’t leave a task until it gets done…for the most part. My work ethic is more or less old fashioned. I’ve worked where I’ve gotten off the clock and still there in the office until it’s done. I’d say I pretty much get my work ethic from my mother because she was a factory worker and she worked very hard.”


Q29. In three words, describe your spirituality.

Location: African American Heritage Research Library

I frequent this particular library quite often. At the receptionist desk is Mamie. Everyday Mamie is dressed to the nines to greet visitors and NEVER without her fancy Fedora. Here’s what she said about her spirituality.

“My spirituality is fantastic, glowing, and greatness!”


Q28. What new activity have you tried?

Location: Jazz in the Garden at Sun Life Stadium in Miami
DISCLAIMER: this interview actually took place on March 17. I posted this today because it was late by the time i got home and I was too tired from having so much fun last night. Proceed…

Leah has quite a few new activities going on. Check it out!

“Well just recently I picked up…or actually taken more seriously the activity of running! Yeah! We finished our first half marathon. Now I’ve been bitten by the bug and I wanna continue running. And not just that…I’m picking swimming, I just got a bike sooooo…maybe my next activity will be doing the spartan games or a triathlon or something like that. So that’s my new activity!”

I love it! Now that’s what you call living! I loved Leah’s energy when I interviewed her. Did her answer inspire you to get up and be more active??? What say subscribers!?


Q27. If someone gave you money with no strings attached and you could only buy one thing, what would it be?

Location: the corner store

We could all use a little funding every now and again. Cooler if someone just gave you money with no strings. For me that one thing would be a car. However Jennifer’s answer was…

“I would buy food.”


Q25. What are the top 3 things you look for in a mate?

Location: MAC

Tanairi said…
“Personality, physical attraction and tolerance.”


Q24. If you could add an hour to your day, what would you do with it?

Location: bebe

Heading to my bus stop after a long day at work and a quick bite to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, I stopped into bebe’s and was greeted with a friendly smile from Tita. Here’s what she would do with her extra hour…

“I would talk to everybody I care about just a little bit more.”


Q23. If you could have your dream career today, what would it be?

Location: Brush Strokes @ The Galleria Mall

Today was my off day, but thank God for my blog because as I mentioned before, it makes me get out of the house.
This question came as I was marinating on my own life and what I dream to do. What is it Tash? Glad you asked! My dream career is to inspire, encourage and bring a smile to the faces of viewers…through television. Been dreaming about that for 22 years. But enough about me…Daniel happens to be among the elite who is actually doing his dream career. Take a look!

“I’m a painter. I do oil paintings. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years!”

Daniel’s paintings are amazing in person. If you’re ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, he has a really cool studio on the ground level of The Galleria Mall. But for now, check out his beautiful work at http://www.DanielCaldwellStudio.com

Be inspired!


Q22. What was the something you wanted but couldn’t have today?

Location: Panera Bread

The one something I wanted to have but couldn’t have today was a gentle kiss and a hug from my future husband, but I settled for a Sunday lunch at Panera instead. Ha! I met Danna today and asked her today’s question.

“The one something I wish I could have today but can’t…is my grandmother. Yeah. I’d like to have my grandmother back today.”

What say you subscribers?!