Human Trafficking…a TUF discussion

Hey guys! Two days ago I had the honor of helping a friend by moderating/hosting an event that brought awareness to a huge epidemic globally…particularly right here in our backyard in Atlanta…human trafficking.


It was quite the eye-opener for me as I was doing research and preparing for this event. I didn’t know much about human trafficking until I saw the movie, “Taken” with Liam Nielson. Even then, I didn’t know there was an official name for that type of crime.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2015, when I worked on a set as a Production Assistant on a webseries, called “Magnolia Avenue”. This series was written for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to one the biggest hubs for human trafficking…Atlanta, GA. I couldn’t believe it.

Human trafficking is actually a $150 billion dollar (and rising)  industry second to illegal drugs and arms in the world. Although it boasts of millions and millions of victims in Cambodia and India, it is prevalent in other countries such as Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Nigeria just to name a few and of course…right here in the “land of the free”.

I found out that human trafficking is not only selling of a human being for sexual exploitation, other types of human trafficking involves organ harvesting and forced labor. However, 75% – 80% of this disgusting crime is used for sex. Women, children, men, transgender all fall victim to this heinous crime…children being the #1 target.

I was nervous about moderating this round-table discussion on this topic. Once I got over my nervousness, which was the day of, I learned so much and I’m glad I was apart of it. It is definitely a topic we should keep in the forefront of our minds. Children go missing all the time and there’s a good chance they are probably snatched by someone who will exploit them sexually or worse.


The event was great and successful. Everyone who came out had great input and information to share to help us become aware of suspicious activity that could lead to saving someone’s life.


November is far off, but please remember to vote “Yes” for Safe Harbor/Rachel Law in your state. We need to make sure laws are put in place to protect our loved ones and friends from human trafficking. If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend you check out my friend’s website,  It’s a cause she’s very passionate about…we all should be passionate about.


Find out how you can help.

3 Ways That Keep The Monday Blues Away

Helloooooo faithful followers! I looked at the date of my last post and it’s been 2 months. Yeah…I’ve been incognegro, but for a purely legit reason. My number one man, my hero, my Daddy passed away on January 24th. Wow. It still feels weird to say it out loud or read those words.

Although, I’ve been on other social media platforms chatting my head off, I’m not quite ready to blog about what happened…yet. I will though. Stay tuned.

Anyhooo…that’s not why I hopped on the blog today! I’m on a bit of a high and I wanted to share with you…3 things you can do to fight the “Monday Blues”! Here we gooooooo…

Make the decision to be happy. 

I woke up this morning on such a high that I forgot it was Monday. LOL! Even though I’m still unemployed and looking for work, I make the choice each day to remain positive…be happy. It really is a choice. I’m confident that with every rejection I get from employers…it’s all good because they are just clearing the way for my AMAZING opportunity! So thanks, guys!

Work on a project that brings you joy. 

I’m currently working on bringing a theatre production to Atlanta. It’s going to be epic and I get giddy when I work on anything that has to do with that project. My task could be big or small. Either way, it keeps the “Monday Blues” at bay.

Eric Thomas! Enuff said!


If you never heard of Eric Thomas and his “Thank God It’s Monday” series, then you need to get on that…right after you’re done reading this post! I understand that not everyone can self motivate so sometimes you need an outside source. This guy is the real deal! Trust me! Nobody can get you pumped up on a Monday like Eric Thomas. Check him out onYouTube and subscribe.

So there ya go, my faithful followers! Make the decision to be happy, work on something that brings you joy, or check out Eric Thomas on YouTube! You can’t lose with any of these choices!

What do you do that keeps the “Monday Blues” away? Don’t be stingy! Share them with us!