There’s still an hour left before my Sunday morning becomes Sunday afternoon…sooooo GOOD MORNING, Y’ALL!!

I love quiet Sunday mornings. They are the best especially when it’s super early and all you hear is the ambient noises and your breathing. This is the time where I reflect on what happened the day before and sometimes during the week or at least those things that jump out at me.

By the way, my YouTube is on pause right now do to editing accessibility. As soon as I get access again, I’ll be posting more videos promoting black owned businesses. Plus with this new job and EVERYTHING…i gotta find some balance without going completely nuts.


I am officially one month into my new job at the CBS affiliate

It is a stressful job, but when I woke up this morning thinking about how these past 4 weeks have been going…all I could be is GRATEFUL…and I truly am. I have to constantly remind myself that i’m still new to the position (Traffic Coordinator) and I won’t perfect it in just 4 weeks or maybe even 4 months. I have a great team though and everyone is so very helpful …including my boss.

However, when you have a $16,000 30second spot glaring at you and it’s your responsibility to make sure it airs during the correct Daypart and rotation…you kinda don’t  wanna ***k it up. So I tend to get a little nervous when it’s that serious…which is often.


It’s great to be in my own space after living up under other people’s roof over the last 5 years. I still don’t have any furniture, but you know what??? I don’t care. love-shack

I thank the Creator every day for my little space i affectionately call “The Love Shack”. I have plenty of time to fill it with all the things, colors, accessories, etc that I love and that bring a smile to my face and makes visitors feel at home and good vibes when they come by. Although, I am still very cautious who I allow into my space.

For the first time in a couple months I was able to fill my refrigerator  and pantry with FOOD. OH BLESS THE LORD!! Grateful, y’all! I had to focus on getting some financial responsibilities squared away before I could go crazy with my grocery list. Don’t get me wrong…i was still eating…just not from my own table. Now i can fix my own salads, cook my own meals, and STOP eating out all the time.


I don’t have one. That’s all! NEXT!!!

LOL!! Juuuuuust kidding! I do have a love life…LOVING ON ME!! Yup! Sounds corny, but it’s true. Now i’m not saying I wouldn’t want to be in a loving relationship with someone, but that’s just not what it is right now. He hasn’t found me yet. So in the meantime, i’m continuing the “LOVE ME SOME TASH” journey. How do I do that? Welp…when things get hectic or when there are just too many voices clambering at  me…I take a time out, sit under and tree, read a great book that feeds my

One of my good friends gave me this book. I am half way through it. I think i’ll finish it today.  So many great nuggets in this book that constantly reminds you of the greatness that’s already within you and how you can tap into your ultimate Source Energy (I refer to that as God) and reminding you to love yourself at the end of each chapter. Check it out.

I love on myself by exercising and making smart choices when it comes to my diet. I recently started working out again. a-mean-workout

I’ve had this DVD FOREVERRRRR…and like with ANY workout…when you remain consistent…you will see results. I like Harvey. Although he can be very mean, “GET OFF YOUR FAT LAZY ASS AND BUILD THAT HOUSE!” Starting a new workout regimen leaves you sore as hell the next couple days, but the boost I get to sustain me during the day is so worth it. I’m loving myself.

At work it’s so easy to buy something because Atlantic Station is literally down the street, but i’m not bawling yet, so I had to take it easy and started fixing my own meals. I ate this salad for a straight week and loved it! work-salad

It included, spinach leaves, craisins, bleu cheese crumbles, walnuts, grapes, and balsamic vinigeratte. I KILLED this salad for lunch everyday last week. It’s not the only thing I eat. I eat breakfast and maybe a smoothie for dinner…with healthy light snacks in between. Changing things up with a workout and eating better has knocked out the afternoon drowsiness i was starting to get at work around 3pm. Now I’m full of energy all through the day. I’m loving myself.

Last night, a friend invited me to attend a panel discussion that dealt with relationships. I honestly did not want to go because i’m tired of dissecting relationships and why some do and don’t work, yada yada yada. However, I was obedient and I went any way and i’m glad I did. I’ve been divorced for 11 years and while I have healed from that painful experience, I still have a couple things I need to work on. I came away with this book .


This book was written by, Jimmie D. Rogers, who was one of the individuals on the panel discussing life after his first marriage and now life  in his current marriage. I may tap into this today as well.


I noticed lately that I’ve been getting subtle hints about meditation first thing in the morning. So i decided to try it out. It’s not as easy as it may seem when you first start out. I set my alarm to go off after 5 minutes. Funny thing happened though as I was a minute or so in…trying not think and just BE…sunday-birdie

I heard a loud THUD against my bedroom window. It broke my concentration enough to just turn my head in wander, but I continued with my meditation and I was impressed that I actually kept my thoughts on silent for 5 minutes. I got up went out on my balcony and saw this guy. Isn’t he beautiful??? He wasn’t hurt because when I got really close to touch him he immediately flew away.

I felt like I welcomed my Source Energy (God) when I paused to meditate. It’s like He appeared to me in the form of one of His beautiful creations, a stunningly green bird.

God has His unique ways of letting me know that He’s with me all the time or that He hears me. I love it when I notice it.

I always say that my life is not perfect, but quite honestly life is good and so is God. I’ve had a loooooong winter (medical issues, Daddy passing away, living like a gypsy, no full time job), but through it all, God has been carrying me. And now I’m in my “spring time”. Life is coasting along and I’m settling in just fine. No matter the changes in my personal seasons that I go through, He’s ALWAYS there…and reminding me that He’s never left.

Okay…that’s all I got, folks! Until next time…

Don’t Really Know What To Call This Post…

I’m realizing that the more I blog, as infrequent as it is, the more I keep sharing my spiritual epiphanies. This blog was suppose to be about random stuff, but it keeps getting personal for some reason. *shrugs*

Over the past year, I’ve been looking for a job. Not just a job actually, more like a career opportunity. I already have a job, but it’s not enough to live on and when you got grown woman bills, $10/hr can only go but so far. Recently i got a call from a recruiter from a staffing agencies. After speaking with her last Wednesday, it sounded like this would be a great opportunity. So we set up an appointment to meet on Friday. Well I got up that Friday morning, excited, encouraged and ready to put my best foot forward. I left the house early so I could get there fifteen minutes early and time enough to find the place in Miami. Without going into too much detail (I probably should have vlogged this post) everything that could go wrong…went wrong. I was driving around in circles for 2 hours. My GPS kept sending me the wrong place, which was quite unusual because I NEVER have problems with my GPS…NEVER. I called the office to let them know i was lost and didn’t know where i was. The receptionist tried to help me plugging the cross streets i gave her so she could guide me to the office. Wouldn’t you know her computer shut down right in front of her? In fact, all the computer systems shut down at that very moment. At this point i was sweating bullets and ready to spit flames. I tried my GPS again which only made matters much worse. I was more lost than I was before. I pulled over and called the recruiter to let her know that we should cancel the interview because i couldn’t find the place and i was so angry that I didn’t want to bring that energy to the interview. She was kind and understanding of my dilemma. When I hung up the phone, I cried and screamed so hard. My lungs felt like it was coming out of my chest. After about five minutes of sobbing, i lifted my head only to see a light flashing on my car saying that my tire pressure was low. I got out of the car only to find the right front tire completely to the ground. Now I was on fire. I got back in my car and began screaming and yelling at God. I was so angry at Him. I haven’t been this angry with God since my troubled marriage which was 10 years ago. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?? YOU’RE THE ONE IN CONTROL!!! ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELF WATCHING ME GO THROUGH THIS CRAP?!?!??”  To matters even worse, it started raining. A storm was on the way. I’m sitting there like WTF! Eventually two gentlemen pulled over to help me with the tire and although it took me two hours to get back home…i got home safely. 

It took me all weekend to calm down from being angry with God. I’ve heard people say, “Praise Him and thank Him when you’re in the storm”. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t do that nor was i in the mood. It wasn’t until this morning that I thanked Him for what happened on Friday. Now, I didn’t thank Him with glee (just being honest) but I thanked Him with the understanding that He allowed all those obstacles to take place because He didn’t want me to miss out on what’s really waiting for me around the corner or He was preventing me from something that would have destroyed me. I don’t know. Only time will tell. 

As i was on my knees talking to Him this morning about everything and why i felt the way I did, it occurred to me that I have soooooo many resources available to me to “create” my own opportunity. Why am i not doing it? Fear. Laziness. Unmotivated. Then I thought, “Tash, by your allowing fear, laziness and being unmotivated, you quite possibly could be blocking somebody else’s blessing.” I’m so busy focusing on what i want and how i want things to go that i forgot that blessings are not meant to be hoarded. Blessings are to be shared. I’m blessed with amazing gifts and talents (some i haven’t even discovered yet) to help somebody else realize their potential or bless them in some other way. I’m reminded that it’s not about me. I’m on this earth for a purpose that is not JUST about me. 

I always say that “nothing happens by accident”. I was too busy being angry at God over the weekend that I forgot my own mantra. Everything that happened on Friday was not a surprise. He knew. Maybe all of that needed to happen so I could come to the realization this morning that every resource available to me is in front of me and I’m wasting time with it and ultimately blocking somebody’s blessing. I could be waaaaay off base here, but I’ll go with it.  

Boy oh boy…i tell you…this relationship i have with God is so real to me. Just like in any relationship…you get mad, you need to cool off and apologies end up happening. SMH. (sorry…i digress)

I’m not gonna tell you that I’m gonna get off my tail and hop to it because i’ve said that before to myself and i’m still in the same place. I’m just gonna DO. 

Q23. If you could have your dream career today, what would it be?

Location: Brush Strokes @ The Galleria Mall

Today was my off day, but thank God for my blog because as I mentioned before, it makes me get out of the house.
This question came as I was marinating on my own life and what I dream to do. What is it Tash? Glad you asked! My dream career is to inspire, encourage and bring a smile to the faces of viewers…through television. Been dreaming about that for 22 years. But enough about me…Daniel happens to be among the elite who is actually doing his dream career. Take a look!

“I’m a painter. I do oil paintings. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years!”

Daniel’s paintings are amazing in person. If you’re ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, he has a really cool studio on the ground level of The Galleria Mall. But for now, check out his beautiful work at

Be inspired!