My Steps Were Ordered

This morning I woke up thanking God for a new day. I had no idea what the day was going to bring other than the 3rd interview I had schedule for 11 o’clock.

Lately, my prayers have been different. These days I always make sure I include two important things in my chats with God regarding myself…1) Order my steps 2) Give me YOUR strength to hold on today.

After my job interview today, which went very well by the way, I was headed back to the place where I lay my head at night and on the way I decided to check out this model home I keep passing on the road all the time. I mean what else did I have planned today other than sending out more resumes?

I popped in there and there was a gentleman who greeted me heartily. He had an accent. We didn’t chat long enough for me to figure out what Island he was from because I was so excited to see this model home.

After my solo tour of this beautiful home, I met with the man. We started chatting a bit. He asked if I was in the market and I promptly said, “Nope. Not yet.” We kept talking. We covered so much ground in our conversation that I mentioned my family is from Trinidad. He said he was from Trinidad too. I kinda figured that out once he got comfortable speaking with me.

Then he mentioned that his wife is from Grenada. I said, “Wow. My father has family in Grenada as well.” The man asked me my last name. When I told him “Darius”, he lost his balance a little and plopped himself in a chair near by. Thank God…because I wasn’t close enough to catch him.

The man, who is now known as James, said excitedly, “MY WIFE IS A DARIUS!” At this point we’re both laughing. He said we have to be related because Grenada is a very small island and the only Darius family he knows on the island is his wife’s family.

I told him a little of what Daddy shared with me about his family in Grenada and a cousin who we seemed to have in common. I wanted to be sure we were talking about the same person so I called my sister in Trinidad to confirm. I tried reaching my sister, but couldn’t get her. Turns out my sister called me later this afternoon and I told her what happened. She confirmed it. I’m related to James’s wife.

We sat and talked for a long while as he shared with me about how he met the Darius family and the type of people they were…content, kind, peaceful, wise, musical, good people. I’m sitting there listening to this man and i couldn’t fight my tears because everything he was saying matched a lot of what Daddy shared with me and it was as if Daddy was brought back to life.

Daddy on the left at age 21...I think. Daddy on the right at 87...I think.

Daddy on the left at age 21…I think. Daddy on the right at 87…I think.

I’m so full right now. We exchanged numbers and I’m looking forward to meeting Daddy’s cousin. Wow. When I showed him Daddy’s picture, he said, “Yes! Yes! He looks so much like my wife’s father.”

Words can’t begin to express what I’m feeling right now other then just…full.

It’s been seven months since Daddy died. I’ve been handling this new normal better than I thought. I had Daddy’s profile picture on my Facebook page for a while. I felt a little strange changing it recently.

Every time I paused to long to look at his picture. I’d feel sad and cry because I can’t call him. It’s still fresh. Still fresh. Meeting more family today felt strange, but I was happy because to here this man talk kindly about what kind of people the Darius family are made me proud and helped me understand even more the kind of man Daddy was and why people loved him upon first meeting him. He came from GREAT stalk. No surprise there!

All the stories this man shared with me today, matched everything my Daddy told me. It’s not that I didn’t believe Daddy. It was just cool to hear hit again from someone who knew the Darius family before he married into the family.

What a day…what a day.


Hello groovy followers! I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been a little distracted.

My “Sunday Funday” has been on a bit of a hiatus. You know…a sistah gotta conserve on the gas.

This week has been wonderful though. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. My mom, my sister and my brother came down for my nephew’s graduation. It was like having a mini family reunion.


There were  a lot of jokes on deck…per usual. My brother Bobby is a comedian..not professionally. LOL.


Since I’ve been back, i’ve been so consumed with looking for a job that I’ve neglected to spend time with my family. Having my family here from out of town kinda kick-started that realization. As I type this post my niece is putting faux locs in my hair. We’re bonding. (photos will appear when it’s done). She’s a cool kid. People call her my twin.


I’m most thankful that my brother, Don is doing better. He had major surgery a few weeks ago. He still has to deal with lower back pain every now and again, but he’s a trooper and FIRM believer in the power of prayer. So whisper a prayer when you think of Don, guys.


Welp…i just wanted to pause of a moment and let you in on what’s been happening with me. However, let me leave you with these three things:

1) Don’t get so obsessed with life that you neglect the people that matter the most…FAMILY. I attended my nephew’s graduation and i’m so proud of him, but I also realized that I don’t really KNOW him. I’m gonna fix that though now that I’m here in Atlanta.


2) No matter how dysfunctional your family maybe…love them anyway. Nobody’s perfect.  We were all staying in my brother’s apartment with his family. It was sardine city up in there and after a few days… you know how it is…certain folk can begin to get on your nerves. But after you roll your eyes or pop off…guess what…that’s still family and you gotta love ’em anyway. Overall, we had fun being together under one roof.

3) Don’t take for granted that the people you love will always be around. Being together, even though we’re all adjusting to our “new normal” not having Daddy around after his passing on January 24, 2015, felt a little weird and off. We got through it though…together. Love your family and let them know you love and appreciate them. Celebrate them. Enjoy each other. Tomorrow is not promised.

That’s all i got right now. I’m thankful for my boost this past week. Family is EVERYTHING.

Celebrate Life!

Ev and meI’m up earlier than I liked to be right now, but I guess this is what happens when you take a quick midnight trip to the loo and can’t go back to sleep…you add an entry to your blog.  *shrugs*

One year ago today I started this blog. It started on my 40th birthday. I wanted to do something different. However, if you’ve been following me, i’m sure you’ve noticed that this blog took a turn.  Ha! I hope you enjoy it anyway.  Usually when my birthday comes around, I take a “birthday trip” anywhere.  Last year I was in Columbus, OH celebrating my 40th birthday with my other family. Unfortunately, my celebration took a nose dive when I got a call from my niece that her Dad passed away. He was sick for quite some time and the Lord decided to put him to sleep.  How in the world do you celebrate after getting news like that??  It was a bitter sweet day to say the very least.  Throughout that day I found it hard to be my usual happy-go-lucky self.  Thank God I had a whole lot of love surrounding me that day and my family made sure that I still had a great 40th birthday…and I did.  It was a day mixed with tears and laughter.

I heavily contemplated writing anything at all about this. But I couldn’t start my FABULOUS 41st BIRTHDAY without first remembering my brother-in-law, Everette.  He was the coolest person I knew and I know that God personally designed him for my sister. She can be a handful 😉  He loved his children dearly, he loved family, he was an awesome cook, always had a calming spirit, and can always make you laugh even when you’re mad.  Today, not only do I celebrate my life…I celebrate his life.  Right now…he sleeps until that loud trumpet will sound. (1Thessalonians 4:16-18) Can’t wait to see him again!

Death is inevitable for all of us. However, the beauty of this life is that we can CHOOSE to celebrate life every day…and not just on birthdays.  Yes…we’re human and remembering the loss of a family member or friend can bring about a sadness. It’s a common emotion. We also have the emotion of happiness where we can reflect on the wonderful and great memories about that person and how they’ve impacted our life in some way.  Thank God sadness isn’t the ONLY emotion we have. So today, CELEBRATE LIFE…if you’ve lost someone…CELEBRATE THEM…HONOR THEM BY CELEBRATING YOUR LIFE.  That’s what I’m gonna do! R.I.P. Ev! See ya later bruh! AND HAPPY  41ST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! xoxo

Q1. Who is the craziest person in your life?

Well as promised I’m starting my blog today…my 40th birthday. Making the decision to start it today was hard because my brother in law passed away today. My heart is heavy, but it’s heavy for my sister and their children. I was suppose to ask a complete stranger this question but i didn’t leave the house today. I will answer the question though. The craziest person in my life was my brother in law, Everett Jordan. He was crazy about my sister and his children. He personified cool. He always had my back whenever i suffered a broken heart. He was the best cook. Always keeping it real. He was the perfect match for my sister. I loved him and will miss him sooooo much. I can’t wait to see him again when I get to heaven.