Q2. What word did you overuse today?

Location: CVS in Columbus, OH

So my girl and I was hanging out about town and on our way back to her house I told her to stop by CVS. There we saw a cashier named Courtney. After we waited patiently in line even allowing a guy holding a jug of milk to go ahead of us, I walked up to the counter and asked Courtney the question for today and this is what she said:

“Grasshopper. I overuse grasshopper and I’ll tell you why. When I was younger, somebody said to me “chop chop grasshop”. And ever since then, I call everybody grasshopper…including my store manager.”

I really didn’t expect that answer from Courtney. It was cute and funny! She even asked for my blog address. Welcome aboard Courtney! I’m so excited to see who i’m going to run into tomorrow and fire off question #3. Stay tuned!