How would you handle this?

Some of you know that I have taken a break from Facebook and I’ve been blogging more and expressing my thoughts here on WordPress. Every now and again I’ll pop on Facebook for a few minutes, but not LIVE on it like I have been lately. This morning, I popped on for a few minutes and watched this…

I cried a little bit watching this because like many of you, I’ve been in a position where I’ve heard people say things about me or messengers have brought information to me about me. Hurtful stuff. Most times, I didn’t handle it with style and grace like Sheryl did. If you really want to be honest, Sheryl handled that situation like a true “Christian”.

It’s funny how God works though. I say that because even though Sheryl knowing what she knew after that conference call, He placed her in positions to work with these women or see them at some point. I call that “a test”. I think you will agree with me that she passed with flying colors. I wish I could say the same for myself, but hey, God is still working on me.

To me that shows growth and maturity. I believe Sheryl when she said she’s not mad. I believe her when she said she hopes those women go on to do great things in their careers. This spoke to me. As long as we are living on this earth, people are going to talk. Somebody is gonna be mad or jealous or as they say…”hate” on what you’re doing or trying to do. Here’s the thing though…keep your eyes on the path that God has set before you. Don’t worry about the stones being thrown at you as you’re on your unique path. There’s no need to throw back the stones. No need for malice or revenge. Just keep walking because at the end, like Sheryl said, you will end up RIGHT where you’re suppose to be. I’m saying this to you and to ME.

I have to say that I LOVE Sheryl Underwood ever MORE for this. I’m thankful that she shared her “test” that became a “testimony”.



This morning I was having a chat with my home girl, Victoria. We were talking about how God has an amazing track record. It is impossible for Him to lie. Because we know this about Him personally, why do we get all flakey when it comes to trusting Him with EVERY area of our lives.

My friend Victoria moved to a small town in Maryland where she doesn’t know anybody. Although the place is beautiful and quaint…it’s literally just her and God. Prior to moving, she applied for many jobs all over the country, but this one came through. She ended up leaving Columbus, Ohio, a place where she had a strong support system, familiarity, etc to a place where none of those things existed.

I currently live in South Florida with my parents. I think I might have mentioned in my previous posts that I’m currently in a Broadcasting program at one of the local colleges. The months are viciously moving quickly and before I know it, March 2014 will be here and I’ll be done. Under the advisement of my Department Chair, mentors, and people whom I respect, I’ve been working on my Airchecks to send to various Radio Stations. I’ve actually already applied to several. However, I’ve been sending them to Radio Stations in locations where I know people. Ha!

Stay with me…I’m going somewhere with this. After I got off the phone with Victoria, I tuned into a sermon online entitled, “NO PLAN B!”. As I listened to Dr. Wesley Knight deliver this message from God Himself…I had to shake my head and laugh to myself. He said (I’m paraphrasing), “Sometimes you can’t be stuck on the waiting of a confirmation from God. That’s because your faith alone should be your confirmation to MOVE.” He also said (and I’m paraphrasing) “Angels are sitting around chomping at the bit for you to ACT on faith so you can give them something to do!” How many of us are willing to step out on faith that ‘maybe’ God will come through? Here’s the twist though…doesn’t He always come through? He does have a great track record. These are questions I’m asking myself. And from my own experiences, He has ALWAYS come through. So why am I sending my Airchecks to places that are safe in terms of knowing someone who lives at that particular location? Isn’t He ALWAYS with me?

Last year I interviewed Lynn Martinez, one of the local News Anchors, for a class project I was doing. After we wrapped up the interview, she asked me, “Let me ask you something. Do you have a plan B?” I said with confidence straight in her eyes, “No.” She said, “Good! That means you don’t see yourself doing anything else.” She was right. I really don’t see myself doing anything else. Broadcasting is it for me. I thought about that conversation today as I was listening to the ‘NO PLAN B’ sermon. I’m confident that God planted this passion for Broadcasting many many moons ago inside me. Well then…I should be confident to go anywhere…anywhere…after I’m done with this program knowing that I’ll be just fine without knowing anyone or having a feeling of familiarity. Truth is I won’t be alone anyway…He’s always with me.

You know it occurred to me that I’ve been operating on the ‘NO PLAN B’ plan for minute now and God has ALWAYS shown Himself faithful (that’s a blog post for another day). He just keeps building that track record. LOL!

My friend Victoria…she’s good. Living in a place that is unfamiliar and no familiar faces has created a stronger bond between herself and her Heavenly Father. This is what she told me. She’s my inspiration of what stepping out on faith with NO PLAN B looks like.

So, you can hold me accountable. I’m saying it now, “Lord, send me where you want me to be.” (big exhale) NO PLAN B! Let’s go!