Thank you, 2016 and Goodbye!

As i’m sitting on my living room sofa, grateful for the year that i’ve had, I’m thinking about so much. I’m thankful to the Most High God for EVERYTHING…including the not-so-great moments, which really weren’t that bad actually.

For me personally, 2016 was good. I got a chance to work on a few productions, which allowed me to meet some really cool people. I had a part time job that kept me afloat and allowed for free time to be apart of those productions. Imagine the look on my face when one of my friends went to a movie premiere and texted me a screenshot of my name in the credits!img_8622

I also stepped out of my comfort zone and served the community, which is what I wanted to do. I became an active member of my church family and even though we are a very small group…MAN…we made and continue to make great strides and impact in our community. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, come check out Building Communities First…formerly known as Buckhead Community Fellowship.


I also worked for a casting and production company called WSA Casting…that’s Winsome Sinclair and Associates. Winsome Sinclair is one of the most sought after Casting Directors on the East coast. Google her or check her IMDb. She’s the real deal. I wore so many hats working there and had a blast doing it. One of the things i mostly enjoyed was being the Showrunner for their weekly inter web show called “Actors Scope”. I even designed the Actors Scope logo. I am very proud of that.

I also revamped my YouTube channel, “I.Am.Tash” by highlighting black owned businesses. My YouTube channel has been on a snooze because I got a full time job at CBS. So having the time and energy to incorporate that creative element has been a little ¬†difficult, but I will start it up again. Bare with me.

At the end of 2015, I attended a vision board party. To my surprise…nearly EVERYTHING on my vision board came to fruition. So I decided to host my own 2017 vision board party to cap off 2016. Me and a couple friends got together to map the greatness that will be 2017 for us. We had a blast.

No one can predict the future, but I do know what I want 2017 to look like for me…and that’s more adventures, new discoveries, ¬†and lessons to shape me into a better version of myself . Here’s to a magnificent 2017. Happy New Year, everyone!dsc00093

New vibes…

Today was an amazing day and I’m gonna tell ya all about it. First, the sun decided to show itself today, which was great. Not exactly a piece of Florida, but 61 degrees wasn’t bad. Isn’t this suppose to be the South?

Anyhooo, I’m a SoFlo chick so I haaaaad to get out and enjoy the weather. I ran a quick errand and then surprised my brother. LOL…he was so shocked.

Siblings! The sweetest guy I know!

Siblings! The sweetest guy I know!

He was ecstatic to learn that I’m back in town for good. I spent a little time with him and his family. I’ll get pictures of them and share with you guys on another post.

Stopping by my brother’s crib turned out to be a dual purpose because I needed more ginger and coconut water for my detox green smoothie tomorrow and sure enough…he had it and supplied my need. Brothers ROCK!!

I had to go home and work on my secret project. Don’t worry…I’ll share that with you, but not now. Then my evening was capped off by hitting the streets with my friend Chris. We attended a T-Shirt launch called “I am…truth, love, and compassion”. We got in a little late, but not too bad. It was cool.

The launch party took place at Moods Music in Little 5 Points. Love that place. I took a picture with the owner, Darryl. He has a maaad selection of specs, all types of music, novelty shirts, jewelry, EVERYTHING eclectic. Yeah…that’s gonna be one of my hang out spots for sure.

HEY DAVE!! Shop owner of Moods Music in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

HEY Darryl!! Shop owner of Moods Music in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

Anyhooooo…getting back to the point of the launch…Coleman G. Howard is a mentor to young men and so much more. Check out his website, The “truth, love, compassion” movement is exactly what we need in today’s society and it’s growing. Being in a room with folk who are inspired to make change one person at a time was enlightening and time well-spent. It was a new kind of vibe that I was diggin.

(l. to r.) Yours truly, Coleman, Chris, Angelica.

(l. to r.) Yours truly, Coleman, Chris, Angelica.

It also gave me a great idea. I am many things to people that I meet and know. One thing that I always hear people say about me is that I’m an “encourager”. As I was sitting listening to why Coleman started the “truth, love, compassion” movement, I thought, “maybe i can start a t-shirt line as well”. I have a few quotes under my belt that inspire and encourage.

Support the movement! Check out

Support the movement! Check out

Amidst all that’s going on in the world that is depressing, sad and frustrating, we could all use some encouragement and inspiration…especially for our young people. Novelty shirts have always been my favorite thing to wear…so I figure instead of standing on the sidelines, why not be apart of the solution in some way. Be on the look out for a t-shirt line from yours truly adorned with my inspirational quotes.

I made great contacts tonight and will be in talks with some folk this week. Hmmm…although I’m still on the hunt for a steady income job, if I play my cards right, I may be working for myself sooner than I think. Ha! We’ll see…

In a new space…

Yesterday, I left South Florida and moved back to Atlanta. Yeah…I know…why would I trade warm weather, sun and surf, the comforts of being near family for frigid temperatures and horrendous traffic? Well it was time for me to act on my faith…some more.

I packed EVERYTHING in my Mini and we were off! Yes...everything fit comfortably.

I packed EVERYTHING in my Mini and we were off! Yes…everything fit comfortably.

Some of you reading this may think, “Wow. She’s all over the place.” That may be, but believe me when I say, my steps are being ordered. I always believe that NOTHING happens by accident.

I interviewed with a few company overseas for ESL Teaching (remember the certification I got?), but they didn’t pan out. So as the year was coming to a close and I already decided that I wasn’t going to go any further with the company I was working with, I decided to relocate back to Atlanta and pursue my first love…Media, since I didn’t hear anything else from overseas.

So here I am. Truth be told…I’ve always wanted to come back here. I always felt I wasn’t quite done with Atlanta when I lived here a couple years ago. I have a new mindset and I’m ready to press forward.

Like I said earlier…i had to activate my faith and faith requires action. God has been showing Himself faithful, as usual, in my life. I know He has paved the way for me. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You create your path when you start walking.

There are 4 things i keep in the forefront of this journey of faith that i’m on and I’m gonna share with you:

When I get up in the morning, I smile because considering what I’ve been through health-wise, I’m so grateful to God for waking me up. I spend time meditating on His word and filling my mind with a positive outlook on what the day will bring. I pray (talk to God). I listen (spend time in His word). It really sets the tone for how I handle my day.

I love that I have friends who are inspiring, empowering, dream-chasers, goal-setters, men and women of ACTION. I’m blessed to have these folk in my life. It keeps me accountable of what I’m doing. When I was in Florida, I had those same friends even though they were far away, but thank God for modern technology like, FaceTime, Facebook, texting, etc. When you surround yourself with these type of people, you feed off each other. It doesn’t drain you. Instead, it encourages personal growth.

This has been my new mantra and I’m telling YOU…IT WORKS!! Every day i say, “Great things are gonna happen today” and it never fails. Whether it’s something big or small, something GREAT ALWAYS happens that day. This keeps me positive and smiling on the inside and most times on the outside too. LOL

Through out the day or at the end of my day, i go through rolodex of my mind and write down or say out loud the things that i’m grateful for that happened THAT day. Having an attitude of gratitude keeps complaining away, keeps fear away, and allows me to see how the hand of GOD moves in my life.

How do you start your day? What 4 things keep you focused on your journey? Please share them with me. I’d love to read them.

Well, i have to get up and get moving. It’s time to continue putting one foot in front of the other. Have a wonderful Sunday folks!

Q45. FILL IN THE BLANK: _______was inspiring.

Location: Olive Garden

It was a long week for me. Physically and mentally draining. On my way home I stopped at Olive Garden for a bite to eat. Haven’t been there in forever. My energy level was dwindling down until I met Jason the bartender. Real cool guy! Here’s what he had to say…

“The bum was inspiring. Why? Because they had good insight about situations you don’t normally look at because you’re not in those situations. I always found it interesting how those who have the least seem to have the most insight.”

Jason! Thank you so much! Thank you for the pick me up too! It was fun chatting with you. I look forward to reading your blog when you take your back-packing trip across Europe this summer!


Q37. Who do you aspire to be like?

Location: Aventura Mall

“My name is Poessie and I aspire to be like a Writer.”