Q14. If you had to bring one person back to life for one day, who would it be and how would you spend your day with that person?

Location: Pizza Hut

I spent some time with my aunt today whom I haven’t seen in a while. She was so happy to see me. We didn’t do much we just sat and talked about life and stuff like that. She’s older and it made me realize how precious time is. I’m glad we hung out a little bit today.
Hence…today’s question. I had a hankering for pizza so I stopped by Pizza Hut and Odain was my target.

“For one day…I would have to say Malcolm X. I would probably have a wealth of questions to ask like with the black and white struggle…how did he overcome the struggles he had. Stuff along those lines. I’d have to write my questions down because I’d have so many. But yeah…Malcolm X would be that person.”