Q55. How would your parents describe you?

Location: Steve Madden

It has been days since I’ve posted anything. I know I know. Don’t bash me please. We’re allowed to fall off every now and again. I had to pick it back up though because I said I would do this so here we go! Plus different people kept asking me about my blog…

Today I begin again with Jermarys! LOVE HER! I know you’re reading this girl! I love her energy. She reminds me of myself once I’m fully awake. Lol!

“Ugh!!! LOL! My parents! That’s an interesting one! LOL! My parents would probably describe me as energetic, bubbly, high off of life…naturally! Honestly! But yeah…energetic and bubbly! Gotta go through life happy. Ya know!”

Love you Jermarys! Subscribe and keep me accountable to this blog girl. Lol!