Mondays were made for Michelob, but Sundays were made for FUN!!

One of the things my friend told me was, “Tash! Do NOT consume yourself so much with job hunting that you don’t get a chance to pause and enjoy life. Don’t be a hermit!” I’ve been taking her advice. She’d be happy to know that I’ve been out and about. Lucky for me I have friends who enjoy my company and don’t mind sharing their blessings with me.

My homegirl, Chrissy, called me on Sunday and said, “Let’s hang out!” Without hesitation, I got up. Hopped in the shower, dressed, ate and headed out the door. Our destination on this particular Sunday was Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. I’ve never been there before…neither has she.

The shenanigan twins at it again!

The shenanigan twins at it again!

Let me say this first! Chrissy and I go waaaay back. We’ve been friends since college! (ages ago…) Sundays have become our time to wreak a little havick in the screets (yes…i said screets) of Atlanta. Sunday has become our official “FUNDAY”…So I call it “Sunday Funday”.

Chrissy is a budding photographer who is also an architecture nerd. She’s a bit of an artsy fartsy. I love that about her because I learn so much from her. She wanted to check out the late great famed photographer, Gordon Parks exhibit.

Taking it all in...

Taking it all in…

The exhibit was amazing. It was called the “Segregation Story”. I’ve seen black and white pictures of times in our country’s history that chronicled what we as African Americans went through before. What impressed me about this exhibit is that these photos were in color. Most of the photos were taken in 1956 where Mr. Parks followed The Thornton family in segregated Alabama. I forget which part of Alabama. I learned that Mr. Parks was a photographer and writer for TIME magazine and was known for his photo essays. His work was displayed in a secured glass case and on the walls  at the museum.

IMG_3981_2 IMG_3982_2

Seeing these photos helped me. I’mma tell ya how. Growing up… my parents shared stories of their childhood in Trinidad and I always imagined their stories in black and white in my head. Clearly my parents are real people who live in color, but it was always hard for me to imagine in color. Seeing this display of art made me appreciate those stories so much more. I loved it. I loved seeing the women in pastel color dresses and the men in deep navy suits with matching navy skinny ties. This exhibit helped me see my parents lives in living color. GORDON PARKS_SEGREGATION STORY

Something else I noticed. Even though these photos capture a time where life was not easy for The Thornton Family… or black folks in general, the photos were still so beautiful. The people were beautiful. It was a very real and challenging time in America’s history, but it didn’t rob the beauty within.

My picture posts don’t nearly do this exhibit justice, but I highly recommend you check it out if you’re ever in the Atlanta area. The Gordon Parks: Segregation Story will be at the High Museum of Art until June 21, 2105. Go! It’s so worth it and a great conversation piece and educational tool for your children…or for anyone.

Me at the museum. Loved it! Can't you tell?

Me at the museum. Loved it! Can’t you tell?

By the way, my friend Chrissy got a chance to meet Gordon Parks before he passed away in 2006. It was a chance meeting on the streets of New York City. She said, “Tash. To see someone that I only read about in books when I was a kid…to see him in REAL LIFE…left me speechless!” If you knew my friend Chrissy…speechless is NOT a description for her. LOL!

I don’t know what our next “Sunday Funday” will be, but whatever it is…I’M GAME! After all, Monday’s were made for Michelob, but Sundays were made for FUN!



New vibes…

Today was an amazing day and I’m gonna tell ya all about it. First, the sun decided to show itself today, which was great. Not exactly a piece of Florida, but 61 degrees wasn’t bad. Isn’t this suppose to be the South?

Anyhooo, I’m a SoFlo chick so I haaaaad to get out and enjoy the weather. I ran a quick errand and then surprised my brother. LOL…he was so shocked.

Siblings! The sweetest guy I know!

Siblings! The sweetest guy I know!

He was ecstatic to learn that I’m back in town for good. I spent a little time with him and his family. I’ll get pictures of them and share with you guys on another post.

Stopping by my brother’s crib turned out to be a dual purpose because I needed more ginger and coconut water for my detox green smoothie tomorrow and sure enough…he had it and supplied my need. Brothers ROCK!!

I had to go home and work on my secret project. Don’t worry…I’ll share that with you, but not now. Then my evening was capped off by hitting the streets with my friend Chris. We attended a T-Shirt launch called “I am…truth, love, and compassion”. We got in a little late, but not too bad. It was cool.

The launch party took place at Moods Music in Little 5 Points. Love that place. I took a picture with the owner, Darryl. He has a maaad selection of specs, all types of music, novelty shirts, jewelry, EVERYTHING eclectic. Yeah…that’s gonna be one of my hang out spots for sure.

HEY DAVE!! Shop owner of Moods Music in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

HEY Darryl!! Shop owner of Moods Music in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

Anyhooooo…getting back to the point of the launch…Coleman G. Howard is a mentor to young men and so much more. Check out his website, The “truth, love, compassion” movement is exactly what we need in today’s society and it’s growing. Being in a room with folk who are inspired to make change one person at a time was enlightening and time well-spent. It was a new kind of vibe that I was diggin.

(l. to r.) Yours truly, Coleman, Chris, Angelica.

(l. to r.) Yours truly, Coleman, Chris, Angelica.

It also gave me a great idea. I am many things to people that I meet and know. One thing that I always hear people say about me is that I’m an “encourager”. As I was sitting listening to why Coleman started the “truth, love, compassion” movement, I thought, “maybe i can start a t-shirt line as well”. I have a few quotes under my belt that inspire and encourage.

Support the movement! Check out

Support the movement! Check out

Amidst all that’s going on in the world that is depressing, sad and frustrating, we could all use some encouragement and inspiration…especially for our young people. Novelty shirts have always been my favorite thing to wear…so I figure instead of standing on the sidelines, why not be apart of the solution in some way. Be on the look out for a t-shirt line from yours truly adorned with my inspirational quotes.

I made great contacts tonight and will be in talks with some folk this week. Hmmm…although I’m still on the hunt for a steady income job, if I play my cards right, I may be working for myself sooner than I think. Ha! We’ll see…