Q.2 What would be your ultimate Girls Trip?

Tonight…i promise you…EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. came out to see GirlsTrip tonight in theatres. I’m convinced that the Malcolm Lee and Will Packer film packed  theaters all over the country tonight. It was a GRRREAAAT film. HILARIOUS!! GO SEE IT!!

In honor of what was a complete laugh fest tonight,  I decided to ask two lovely young ladies this week’s question. Here’s what Shanikwha and Apazra had to say…

IMG_0482-2Apazra (on the ritght) “My ultimate Girls Trip would be Europe! We are at an age where we are grown. We have established our families. It’s time to travel. WE need to get out there and show our Black Girl Magic!”

Shanikwha: “I think the ultimate Girls Trip for us would be to Napa. That way I can drink again…once Apazra is done nursing her baby. We’re gonna have an amazing trip spending some time by the Bay. Do some girls stuff and just be care free! When are we going???!!!! (joyous laughter between these two)

I had video of their answers ,but WordPress wouldn’t allow me to upload without an upgrade. I’m on a tight budget right now guys. Sorry. But you can find their video response on my Instagram…@i.am.tash

As for me? My ultimate Girls Trip would be to Italy. Sipping wine from vineyards with my friends, soak up the culture, embrace the staring eyes of Italian men, run around the city like care free school girls. Hmmm… but after seeing Girls Trip tonight…New Orleans may be on that list as soon as next year for Essence Music Festival. LOL!!


Ms. Independent Auto

I can remember the times when Daddy showed me a few things about taking care of my car. Thanks to that great man, I know how to change a tire, change oil, change windshield wipers, check transmission fluid and the rest I either pay someone to do it or learned from observing the male friends in my life.

People say that finding a great mechanic is like finding  a great hair stylist…you hold on to them for dear life. But wouldn’t life be easier if you were knowledgeable about what it took to maintain your car? Think about how empowering it would be when you talk with a mechanic about your vehicle and you understand everything he’s saying and no one could pull the wool over your eyes!


On this week’s episode of my YouTube Channel, I.Am.Tash., I spoke with the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Ms. Independent Auto, Brandon Brown. This guy has a unique business where he empowers woman with information about the basic fundamentals of


automotive maintenance, repair and purchase. Ladies! This is the guy you want to meet. Brandon offers group and one-on-one classes. How he started this businesses is a pretty neat story. I’m not going to tell you though…you have to watch the video and He’ll tell you! 😉

What I like about Brandon is that he genuinely enjoys sharing this information. It’s hard enough to find someone who will be honest with you concerning your car, but he makes it his job to make sure YOU are equipped with the knowledge to take care of your vehicle so you won’t get railroaded by ANYBODY.


I highly recommend you check out the video and look Brandon up. Knowledge is power…RIGHT?

Episode 103_Ms. Independent Auto